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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    It’s a Thursday night, and you, like every other hard-working Marquette student, are busy studying in the library. Your friend (taking a break from studying, of course) texts you. “Don’t forget about the costume party tomorrow,” she writes.

    “Costume party?” you think to yourself. The realization of what your friend means slowly dawns on you, like that scene from every horror movie when the main character realizes the killer is right behind him. Tomorrow is Halloween, and you have given zero thought to what you’ll wear at the party. The fact that you’re a student at Marquette University puts you in a double bind. Not only do you have less than a day to assemble a costume, you also don’t have a lot of money to spend on extravagant costumes.

    Never fear, however. While you may not have the most stunning or creative costume, there are still plenty of potential costumes that are both quick and cheap — many of them using materials you probably already own.

    There are, of course, the tried-and-true standbys of dressing in all black or red and going as a black cat or devil, respectively. Cat ears or devil horns can easily be bought at a drug store or dollar store. Clever? No. Effective? Yes.

    Guys with a black button-up shirt and a pair of black slacks can throw together a priest costume with relative ease. Just use a safety pin to attach a slip of paper to the throat of your shirt, and you are ready to consecrate the party punch.

    Those of you not content with mere sacrilege can go all-out Pagan and sport the college classic: a toga. The only crucial components of this costume are a bed sheet and some safety pins. A quick Google search brings up numerous Web sites with tips for how to wrap the sheet for the best effect. To add some flair to your classical creation, wrap a tie or scarf across your chest for a snazzy sash.

    For the truly lazy and unmotivated, television offers some inspiration. One option is to go as a character from “The Office.” Guys, just wear a pair of slacks, a shirt and a tie. Girls, a blouse-and-khaki combo will suffice. When people ask you who you are, just pick your favorite character. You can try little variations to better mimic your character. For example, curl your hair to look more like Pam, or wear a short-sleeved dress shirt and a large pair of glasses to be Dwight. Otherwise, you can simply adopt some of their mannerisms. If you’re Michael, just say, “That’s what she said!” all night. Still, be prepared to constantly explain your costume, since office clothing is pretty non-descript.

    This costume style can also be adapted for other TV shows. Dirty up a tank top and some jeans, mess up your hair and go as one of the castaways from “Lost.” Wear a generic button-up shirt and sport coat, add a cane and voilà—you’re Dr. House.

    None of these ideas will cause you to be the center of attention at your Halloween party, but they will, without a doubt, get you by. Most importantly, they are all quick and cheap options that will prevent what otherwise could have been frightfully bad evening.

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