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WOOLARD: Long live the trib!


As a senior in high school there was no world where I could see a future for myself that I’d actually enjoy. I moved across the country to Marquette not knowing if things would be better, but at least they would be different. 

However, when I first came to Marquette I got into an abusive relationship. I had struggled with depression and PTSD prior to this but the fallout of that relationship brought levels of sadness, anger and pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I spent so many hours crying, cursing out God and confronting uncomfortable truths in therapy. At the same time, I began to find comfort in writing articles for the Wire and enjoyed what I was learning in my classes.

My first summer in Milwaukee brought on a new feeling: happiness. It’s not like I wasn’t ever happy before, I just was genuinely starting ⁷to enjoy life consistently. I finally felt like the work I was doing in therapy, at the Wire and in school was starting to pay off. 

My junior year I finally felt like I was asking questions of the world to deepen my understanding of both my experience and the experiences of people around me. Even then, I still struggled to find a balance between my personal life, work at the Wire and school. I often joke that I have the most decorated academic transcript because there’s no grade I haven’t earned. 

This past year I’ve been ready to move on from Marquette. I’ve explored both Milwaukee and Wisconsin as a whole. My literature classes have consistently challenged my worldview and expanded my definition of literature. I have bylines on more Marquette Wire articles than I ever thought I would write and somehow my team and I were able to pull together a newspaper every week. 

I’ve become a diehard Brewers fan, had more Pete’s Pops than anyone should and spent all my disposable income at Lilliput Records. I think I’ve been to nearly every coffee shop and brewery in the city. I joined a sorority (something I never thought I’d do) and I was able to make a trip to see a game at Lambeau. I’ve fallen in love and made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I swear I’ve been to almost every concert venue in the city and practically lived at Fiserv and the Al McGuire Center during volleyball and basketball season.

As I wrap up my time at Marquette, I’m not sad to be moving on. I feel content knowing that my Marquette experience has been everything I would have dared to wish for and then some. 

I’d like to thank anyone that has ever worked on The Marquette Tribune or bothered to read any of our work. It means the world to me.

To Jack, Sophia and Erin, thanks for making Late Night bearable this year. I couldn’t have done anything this year without you three.

To Hope, Patrick, Grace, Kristin and Julia, I’ll miss our Tuesday nights at Murph’s and all our other shenanigans.

To Izzy, thanks for battling it out with me through the years. The best is still yet to come. 

To Sotroz, our room in Wells Street Hall will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for being a friend when I needed it the most.

To Randi, your friendship will forever be one of the greatest things I’ve gotten out of the Marquette Wire.

To Meg, thanks for always answering the phone. I don’t think I’d have made it to graduation without you.

To Emily, I’m glad the Wire allowed me to meet you. You’re forever my favorite.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of my professors and advisors over the years. Marquette would be nothing without the work you do for students like me everyday. I’m thankful to have been the beneficiary of a transformative Marquette education.

Long live the Trib!

This story was written by Megan Woolard. She can be reached at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Megan Woolard
Megan Woolard, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune
Megan is the Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune at the Wire. She is a Senior from Portland, OR studying journalism and English literature. In her free time, Megan enjoys collecting CDs. She is a huge fan of the Portland Trailblazers. This year Megan is looking forward to spending time with other staff members and producing important content. 

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