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No Planet B: Sustainability after Marquette, a message to graduates

 As graduation approaches and us soon-to-be graduates start thinking about life after Marquette, we should begin to consider how sustainability plays a role in our near future. As students, it is important to acknowledge the dedication our university has towards implementing sustainable practices while also remembering that it is up to us to continue this progress as we move on to the next chapter of our lives.

Careers in sustainability may not be suitable for most, but that does not mean that you will not encounter it in your future work. In recent years, many companies have started moving sustainability to the forefront of business strategies. Whether it be integrating sustainability policies or Environmental, Social and Governance strategies, businesses in a wide variety of fields value sustainability and green development. This not only helps reduce negative environmental impacts, but it also reduces costs within the company and puts more value on social equity. This benefits the natural environment, the success of the company and most importantly you as an employee. As you search for jobs it can be very helpful to pay close attention to the sustainability initiatives and ethics of your future employers.  

Sustainability does not only have to be executed at an organizational level but can also be at an individual level. For those that are interested in living a more environmentally conscious life, here are some ways you can implement sustainable practices after graduation: 

  1. Move smarter. 

When moving away from Marquette, be sure to consider transportation when choosing a new place to live. Living in walkable cities is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also saving you time and money in transportation costs. By living in close proximity to your workplace, you will be rewarded daily in a variety of ways that benefit you and the planet. If this isn’t a manageable option for you, consider alternate forms of transportation for your daily commute to work. Taking the train, bus or even carpooling are great ways to save time, energy and money on your commute. 

  1. Reuse. 

As you move into new offices or apartments, be purposeful with your belongings. Taking previously used furniture with you to reuse at your new home is a great way to save money and materials in this transition period. If this is not an option donate pre-owned furniture to classmates or local thrift stores. This also applies to other belongings such as school supplies. Keeping used office supplies such as notebooks, folders and pens can prevent you from having to purchase new office supplies when starting a new job. 

If you are in need of office supplies in the near future, come check out the Marquette Office Supply Swap. This is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted school supplies and potentially find new supplies needed for a future job.  

  1. Get involved. 

There are many ways to become more environmentally active in your local neighborhood. This can include joining local environmental groups, contributing to community gardens or participating in community cleanups. Not only are you doing your part in helping the natural environment, but it is also a great way to engage with your community and meet your neighbors.  

We at the sustainability office encourage you all to take the next step in sustainability as you continue in life after Marquette! 

This story was written by Alina Dekirmenjian. She is not a staff member for the Wire. She can be reached at [email protected]

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