Pickle party: Celebrating the unofficial holiday


Photo by Katie Craig

National Pickle Day was Nov. 14. Celebrate with some delicious pickle-flavored snacks.

The self-proclaimed pickle-loving crowd has been steadily increasing over the years, with help from the “dill”-icious selection of pickle-flavored products. Fermented cucumbers have a very distinct taste and smell, two things that cause people to either love or hate pickled products.

To honor one of their favorite food groups, avid lovers have put together an unofficial holiday. National Pickle Day is Nov. 14 and it celebrates the centuries of work put into perfecting the original pickle while also working to create a whole new world of pickled items.

Pickle Potato Chips

A crisp crunch, a similarity made between the sounds of biting into a pickle and eating a bag of chips. Although many compare these chips to the popular salt and vinegar flavored ones, these are special in their own way. At first thought, these two food groups seem to have no correlation to one another, but once the two are mixed, it is hard to believe they were ever separate. By combining the flavors of pickles with the crunch of potato chips, companies have created a shockingly tasty snack.

Pickle Dip

Chips and dip is a classic appetizer that has countless variations and is a tasty snack for a chill night-in with friends or a larger event. Have a Pickle Day party, or a party in general, and want to bring the classic neighborhood staple? Bring pickle dip! It has the base of any other dip, with a twist of a pickled tang to it, and is eaten with potato chips, maybe even dill-flavored ones, which give it that crisp crunch.

Pickle Juice

Pickle juice is the perfect mixture of the salty and vinegary taste of a spear minus the spear itself. Usually, no one wants to be stuck drinking the pickled water, however many people go out of their way just to buy bottles of it. Pickle juice contains antioxidants that help with soothing muscle cramps and controlling blood sugar levels, in other words, switch out a sports drink with a bottle of pickle juice before a big game and one will “relish” the day they made the switch.

Pickle Popsicle

Rather than just sipping on pickle juice, why not try the frozen version? Pickle popsicles are a great way to rehydrate after a long day, or just a “dill”-lectable snack throughout the day. These frozen treats are infused with electrolytes and every pickle flavoring one can imagine. Instead of grabbing a boring-flavored popsicle after a hot day, try a pickle-flavored one!

With the pickle-loving population growing, it can feel as though a new pickled product is being made every day. Even with the most random pickled creations, they all share the same beloved taste – pickles. With the flavors varying from bread and butter, dill, and kosher to sweet pickles, there is a tasty snack for everyone.

This story was written by Lauren Puthoff. She can be reached at [email protected].