Fashion Friday: Easter Sunday

Warmer spring weather is on its way and bright-colored flowers are starting to bloom all across the country. Photo via Flickr

Warmer spring weather is on its way and bright-colored flowers are starting to bloom all across the country. Photo via Flickr

Whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not, Easter Sunday is always a cornerstone day for spring fashion. This year, things are a little different, but that does not provide an excuse to not put on our Sunday’s best. Growing up, my mother dressed my sister and I head to toe in the whole nine yards — Easter bonnets, white ankle socks tucked under white Mary Jane shoes and elaborate floral dresses. Nowadays, I love to incorporate the added element of Easter that has always stuck with me: the fashion. 


There’s nothing better than a little color to lift our quarantined spirits. Pinks, greens, blues and purples are all making a splash in spring fashion this season. Imagine all the pastels, enrich the colors and brighten the hues a little bit and bam, you’ve got the perfect spring shades. Try these colors in just about any style of clothing you can get your hands on!

Geometric Prints

Not your average floral print: it’s unique, it’s interesting, and it’ll look oh-so-fab with a basic counter-piece and some heels. Geometric, amongst other intricate shapes, are bringing spring fashion to a whole new level this season. Tossed in subdued colors or poignant brights, these patterns are Houdini-level mesmerizing. Test this spring trend out by wearing a geometric patterned trouser with a solid color blouse. Want to level up? Pair this geometric-style print with a contrasting pattern for an extra groovy punch. Add a pair of chunky sneakers for a more relaxed look or heels to achieve ultimate glam. 

Trendy Textures

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: leather, leather, leather. I’ve always had a love affair with leather, but this season especially, it is finally being executed properly. Out with the basic colors—even though they’re evergreen—and in with the dream-like watercolor hues of spring. From top fashion houses to more affordable brands, everyone in fashion is playing with the traditional idea of leather. Reds, purples, blues, and animal prints are all being cemented on to leather frames. To me, the most interesting pieces come in the form of a dress or skirt, emphasized by eclectic buttons or an eye-grabbing cinched belt at the waist. 

This story was written by Mary Hanna. She can be reached at