Snapshot class listing replaced by Class Search


Marquette Wire Stock Photo.

The Snapshot list of classes will be replaced by Class Search Oct. 14, according to a recent news release. 

Seth Zlotocha, the university registrar, said Class Search is designed for searching, rather than browsing, through classes.

“The search function is intended to facilitate exploration as well as identifying classes across curricular areas, while offering filters to zero in on classes that meet student needs in terms of requirements, meeting times, credit hours, etc.,” Zlotocha said in an email.

Class Search is also easier to use on a mobile device, according to Zlotocha.

“Snapshot was not accessible for individuals using assistive technologies, and it was not built on a responsive platform, so it could be difficult to utilize on a mobile device, which is how many of our students access this information,” Zlotocha said in an email.

The information on Class Search will display a course description, prerequisites, seat availability as of that day, location and when the class meets. It will also have information about labs or discussion sections, according to the release.

According to an email from Zlotocha, “Class Search will provide a better user experience on mobile devices and will help students more quickly identify classes across curricular areas that meet their needs.”