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The Roommate Quiz

The start of the school year means it is time for adjustments to many new things like classes, professors, adventures and even roommates. As students, we want our time at Marquette to be as enjoyable as possible and finding the right roommate is a key way to make the college experience memorable.

Use this roommate compatibility quiz below to get insight on what your priorities and expectations are for living. Then, let your roommate take the quiz. Match up the agreements and discuss any disagreements.


What time do you go to bed on weeknights?

a. 10 p.m. or earlier

b. Between 10 p.m. and midnight

c. Around midnight

d. 2 a.m. or later


When do you usually wake up?

a. Before 6 a.m.

b. Between 6 and 8 a.m.

c. Between 8 and 10 a.m.

d. After 10 a.m.


Where do you prefer to do your homework?

a. At my desk in my room

b. In the library

c. In a study lounge

d. It varies


How often do you play music out loud?

a. It’s constantly on

b. I turn it on when I’m chilling out

c. It’s rarely playing

d. Never


Do you usually hangout with friends at your place or theirs?

a. I like having people in my room.

b. I like hanging out in others’ rooms.

c. 50/50


How often do you clean?

a. Every. Single. Day.

b. 3-4 days per week

c. 1-2 days per week

d. Rarely


What are your thoughts on sharing and borrowing clothes, food or dishes?

a. I’ll share everything — no need to ask

b. I can loan my stuff, but I need to be asked first

c. I won’t say no in an emergency

d. I would rather not share


What is your ideal room temperature?

a. Frigid

b. I’d rather be cold than hot

c. I’d rather be hot than cold

d. Nice and toasty


Who will kill the spiders and bugs?

a. I’m all in — no fear at all

b. I’ll squish them if they’re small

c. I will, but I’d rather not

d. Never. Nope. Goodbye.


Overall, what are you hoping for in your roommate?

a. They will be my maid of honor/best man.

b. If we get along, great. If not, we can still live in harmony.

c. I’m not interested in being close. Living together doesn’t mean needing to be best friends.

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