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SCHUMAL: A moment full of kindness is a moment well spent


People constantly told her it would hit her all at once. Being sappy and all, she figured experiencing all the lasts on campus as a senior would tear her apart, four years holding so much in her heart already. The funny thing is, she didn’t feel it all at once. This didn’t turn out to be some sort of self-reflection, door-in-the-face moment like she expected it to be. She didn’t feel it while registering for her last semester of classes or sitting in her unassigned-yet-assigned-by-her seat one last time. Chances are she knew she wouldn’t even feel it as she walked the stage for graduation, cap and gown in style. All these big moments, she expected it to hit her but it didn’t.

Moments are defined differently for every human being, that’s the beauty of it. This time around, her best moments were made with you and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Sometimes the smallest moments hold the biggest place in your heart.

And for her, there was nothing more special.

As a freshman, she was unsure of herself and her skillset for the industry. She had tried again and again, too nervous to tell people the teleprompter was too far away for her to read properly or too scared to change anything because it had always been done that way. One person had been extremely kind and carried her under her wings. She was reassuring, she was graceful and she was full of joy. She pushed her to dream big and be kind.

And she did just that. All it takes is one person. Maybe she couldn’t change the world but maybe she could help one person who will then help another and another simply because she did one little thing right. And maybe that was enough. Just one act of kindness.

One courageous little act of kindness that can go a long way.

She recognized that this wasn’t some sort of competition and that in working together, everyone went further. The kind of teamwork that actually made the dream work. Life is too short to get caught up in the every day downs but when you make someone feel like they matter, they too get the ball rolling. She only went as far as the person next to her; the individuals that calmly sat before her. And if she could empower them, she could do anything.

It was never truly about her because the story wasn’t the fact that she had four years to do something worthwhile. The truth is, she had four years to make someone feel happy to be alive, to be the best she could be to others and to inspire some along the way. In the world of sports, we often find ourselves caught up in who won the game but sometimes the greatest story isn’t in the ending score or the final shot. Sometimes, it’s the people. It’s their challenges and emotions; their ability to persevere despite what lies ahead. We grow as human beings when we realize what we are capable of.

Student media was all about the people to her. She never really knew where she was heading until she found herself exactly where she needed to be. Right here, with you.

This is no fairy tale ending for when she walks out of this building, by design, everything will carry on just fine. Rather, it’s just another beautiful moment. That’s how it’s supposed to work. The magic you leave in another person’s heart does not leave with you but stays much longer than the walls beside you; dancing in the hallway that was perfect for razor scooters and tenacious hearts. Life is a build up a hundreds of beautiful moments, each staying longer than one would expect.

The Marquette Wire is home to many things. Hardworking little bees, history, award winning work, late nights, content that never ends. But above all, it’s home to the little bees who persevere and continue on. Keep on continuing on.

She knew there was plenty of things she could say in this column, all more important than the next but what’s a few words to a beautiful moment? Cherish every moment and be kind. You know truly know how much of an impact you have on each other. Sometimes, you leave her at a loss for words in the best way possible. Keep rebuilding for each other and for you and take a second to smile, will you? Look at you go. You’re doing it and she’s so entirely proud of you.

So without further ado, here’s to her hardest see you laters. To the bright eyed bushy tailed youngsters with an optimistic mindset who are unsure of where they fit in this organization: may they do something bigger than just tell some stories and report on some news. May they do that and more. May they find themselves, their confidence and their compassion for others and may they leave this place in better shape than they found it. And hopefully, when they reach new heights they never imagined climbing to before may they take a second to look around. Chances are they may just find exactly what they didn’t know they were looking for. People like you.

In Milwaukee, I’m Tara Schumal, Marquette Wire out. Thank you, for everything. It’s been a better place since you came along. Lights out Marquette. All my love, always.

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  • M

    Mitchell NeunuebelMay 4, 2019 at 2:21 pm


    Thank you for always being a happy, smiling person and being one of the nicest people I have ever met. I wish you luck for the future and know you are going to do incredible things.