Sunshine Style

A direct reflection of the sun, the color yellow is its own refreshing burst of sunshine. There is nearly neither a day nor a person that cannot be brightened by the bright hue. Especially in summertime, yellow is a color of warmth and a signal to the world that better weather has arrived.

When wearing yellow, there are a wide variety of pieces that mesh well with the color. Unlike any other color, the many shades of yellow have their own individuality and their own special expression. A lighter shade of yellow can be paired with a linen texture for a more relaxed, breezy summer look. With a darker yellow hue, there is a richness to the shade that is best paired with a cotton basic t-shirt, synching together any ensemble.

These shades can add a pop of color to everyday staples: shirts, pants and shoes.  In the summer heat, to master the balance between fashion and comfort, opt for a light-shaded linen top or a solid-shade tube top. Shoes can be a great way to incorporate yellow, so try a monochromatic pattern for an extra kick of summer fun.

When in doubt, pair your favorite summer yellow with a bright smile and a pair of shades — and it will be impossible not to shine.