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A Complete (and Crucial) Cheese Curd Guide

Larson Seaver and Kaitlyn Bross

Cheese curds are to Wisconsin what peaches are to Georgia, what oranges are to Florida or what potatoes are to Idaho. And as an integral part of Wisconsin culture, there are many different types of cheese curds.  

I tried some of the most popular cheese curds in the Milwaukee area and carefully evaluated each type and rated them on a 10-point scale. This information is crucial for any Marquette student looking for some quality Wisconsin cheese. 

AJ Bombers 


These chewy cheese curds have a full, juicy taste, but they lack the breading typical of most deep-fried cheese curds. They have a tougher texture and they’ll fill you up fast. This snack is a bit dry for cheese curds, and the flavor is a bit salty. But regardless, these curds still maintain a deep, cheesy taste. They’re average-sized as cheese curds go, and for $6.50 you can get a lot for your money.  



Right on Marquette’s campus, Sobelman’s is a frequent choice for Marquette students looking for a quick, hot meal. Sobelman’s cheese curds have much thicker breading than AJ’s, giving them a crispier taste. These curds feel much heavier overall and taste greasier than many of the others on this list but the cheese is stringy and pulls apart easier. For $6.75, Sobelman’s gives you many small curds that are sure to feel filling. 

The Dogg Haus 


Almost every Marquette student is familiar with the bright yellow awning on the corner of 16th and Wells streets. The widely recognizable beacon of fast food is well-known for its cheese curds. But despite the convenience and cheap cost, Dogg Haus cheese curds rank low on this list. For only $5, a large cheese curd order gives you a lot to eat, but after a few bites of the cakey, processed cheese, you’ll probably have your fix. The cheese lacks flavor and tastes extremely salty and greasy. But they are satisfying and ideal for an occasional guilty pleasure snack. 

West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe 


Located conveniently in the middle of the Milwaukee Public Market, the West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe allows customers to choose from a wide array of cheeses. Classic curds are $5, and you get a whole plate of cheese, making it a sound purchase. They taste more like mozzarella sticks than cheese curds, but the flavor isn’t bad. The breading is somewhat grainy, the cheese is chewier and be sure to watch out for a lot of grease. But overall, West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe gives you good food for your money. 

Milwaukee Ale House 


Milwaukee Ale House had far and away the best cheese curds of the bunch. The curds have thinner breading, allowing for some crispiness while still maintaining the true taste and texture of the cheese. They have the perfect amount of melt and don’t feel too tough or too stringy. The flavor is delicious but not overwhelming, leaving you wanting even more. Milwaukee Ale House also offers delicious chipotle aioli sauce that beautifully complements the cheese. At $10, twice as much as other restaurants, these cheese curds are expensive goodies. But if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, Milwaukee Ale House is the place to go. 

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