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Marquette Escape Rooms sell out, riveting night

Maura Caruso, Dennis Tracy, Mikala Hershman

Being trapped in the AMU with seemingly no escape: it’s some Marquette students’ nightmare. That nightmare turned into reality when Marquette Escape Rooms, a series of miniature sets designed by Larry Volz that challenge thrill-seekers to crack a secret code and find a way out before the clock strikes zero, took place throughout multiple areas of the AMU last Saturday.

For long-time fans and first timers, it was an opportunity set-up by Late Night Marquette they didn’t want to miss. However, the sign-up line was long and spots filled up fast, so some students did not have the chance to beat the clock. 

One room was especially difficult. When the participants entered,  fake blood was splattered on the tables,  locked cases and doctors’ equipment filled the floor and fake mice scuttled around. With the timer set to one hour, participants were tasked with finding a cure to a zombie virus. Due to the fact that everyone present was already “infected,” if the cure was not found in time, they would turn into zombies.  

The overall game plan was to use the clues in the room to unlock the cases and obtain colorful vials that had the code on them to win. After obtaining the code, participants were supposed to call the special number and repeat the winning code. In the end, with only ten minutes remaining, the group of talented  students found the code and left the room successful, and most importantly, cured.

The room was “a good level of difficulty,” said Maddy Arzbecker, a junior in the College of Health Sciences and escape room veteran. “We were able to finish in time, but it was challenging and definitely worth it.”

For novices, the Marquette Escape Rooms proved to be difficult and challenging throughout the hour. Many times, complicated clues and puzzles had students stuck, but they were given the option to get a clue if needed.

“Teamwork helped in solving the puzzle a lot,” Chloe David, a senior in the College of Engineering, said. That was the main thing that allowed us to be successful.”

While the first room, labeled the “Hazard Room,” was overflowing with blood, vials and the final cure, the Harry Potter room, filled with wands and magic-themed clues, was an interesting contrast that proved to be a favorite of the night.

 “It was the best room … because it was Harry Potter themed,” Becky Robb, a junior in the College of Business Administration, said.

Drawing inspiration from movies and other media, Volz said that anything is fair game. He even said he still enjoys participating in the rooms from time-to-time. 

Overall, the general impression was satisfaction laced with excitement due to the challenge that escape rooms brought to campus. 

 “It was a lot of fun and pretty challenging,” Amelia Troy, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, said. “The room was well thought out, and I liked how it made you really think about the clues given to you for everything to come together.”

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