MUR Show of the Week: Clash of the Co-Hosts


Photo Credit to Clash of the Co-Hosts


This week we are featuring the show Clash of the Co-Hosts, a returning Marquette Radio show featuring Sebastian Becerra and Greg Makowski.

The DJs of Clash of the Co-Hosts each create a specific playlist for each show, and the show revolves around them spiritedly debating which playlist is the best. They then encourage listeners to vote on which playlist was better with a poll on the show’s Twitter feed. Each week, the hosts alternate what playlists they are playing and they have a theme for each show and playlist. Sebastian and Greg always keep it light by joking around about the mixed reactions they get on certain playlists that they play, and they always try to incorporate audience involvement.

Clash of the Co-Hosts is a really unique show because it is so invested in the concept that named the show. Everything that is done on the show illustrates the diversity of music tastes of the hosts, and that is the primary focus for each episode. Beyond just implementing a creative concept well on air, the two DJs also do an excellent job at investing their listeners in the show with contests and debates about what music is the best. Look no further if you want a show where the DJs make you feel like you are in the studio, because Clash of the Co-Hosts is that show.

Aside from radio, Sebastian and Greg are both involved in other extracurriculars on campus. Sebastian is an RA in Abbottsford Hall and a small group leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. His favorite music artists are Coldplay, Beyonce and Eminem. Greg is interested in joining a fraternity and his favorite music artists are Young the Giant, Watsky and Mac DeMarco.

Make sure to follow Clash of the Co-Hosts on Twitter (@muradioclash) and catch it live every Friday from 1:30-3 p.m.