Marquette Police Department considering body cameras


Photo by Maryam Tunio

A suspected altercation took place near 16th Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Marquette Wire Stock Photo

McKenna Oxenden, Crime Reporter

Marquette Police Chief Paul Mascari said body cameras for officers are a real possibility beginning in the 2016-’17 school year.

“There is a lot to evaluate and we are just starting that process, but it is something we hope to have in the near future,” Mascari said.

Mascari said he hopes to have sample cameras by next semester to help get officers used to them and try various brands.

“We’re just trying to be careful with new technology,” MUPD Captain Jeff Kranz said. “All of a sudden there are dealers for body cameras everywhere and we want to make sure we get the best product.”

Kranz said there are various styles and ways to wear the camera.  Mascari added there are even different ways to turn the cameras on and off.

The newly formed MUPD Advisory Board, which provides recommendations on MUPD policies and procedures, will help guide the department with decisions in regards to the cameras.

Mascari said it is too soon to publicize a budget until MUPD narrows down what it is looking for in a camera.