5 Songs to get you through the rest of the semester

Picture courtesy of: http://www.astheworldspins.com

Picture courtesy of: http://www.astheworldspins.com

The end of the school year and approaching summer vacation are invariably made bittersweet by an infamous series of trials and tribulations known as finals week. Ironically, it is the largest hurdle placed closest to the finish line, and so it may be difficult for students to stay motivated until the very end. For those who are finding it tough to stay driven, here is a playlist of songs that are about getting away, in order to remind you what you’re working toward.


“Fly Away”—Lenny Kravitz

As the title would suggest, one of Lenny Kravitz’s most successful hit singles to date is solely about the desire to “get away.” Through an iconic guitar riff behind an impossible-to-resist chorus to sing along to, “Fly Away” is the perfect song to begin your summer vacation playlist.


“Where The Streets Have No Name”—U2

This song is nothing short of a musical masterpiece and is lyrically pertinent to breaking through to the freedom of summer vacation. The song includes inspirational lines about “tearing down the walls that hold me inside” and exploring “a place high on the desert plain” to invoke a longing to travel. It just be the motivation you need to push through the last stretch of the school year.


“Jet Airliner”—The Steve Miller Band

Similar to the first song on this list, “Jet Airliner” is about the joys of aimless traveling. The song teaches that we often must “go through hell before (we can) get to heaven,” which is applicable to finals week for obvious reasons. Jet Airliner might be one of the older songs on this playlist, but it’s a classic nonetheless.


“Kokomo”—The Beach Boys

Kokomo is another song lyrically germane to the impending summer vacation, as it describes two lovers taking a trip to a tropical island in Jamaica, called “Kokomo.” Musically, “Kokomo” has the tranquil and melodious sound that you’d expect to hear at a luxury resort and which the Beach Boys are famous for.


“Hotel California”—The Eagles

Arguably one of the most iconic songs about vacationing, “Hotel California” is the ideal soundtrack to your eventual freedom. There have been countless complex interpretations of The Eagles’ hit track, but at its core, the song describes a trip to Los Angeles, as well as experiencing the high life at a paradise resort. Regardless of if you plan to travel over break, this song is sure to help set a relaxing mood for your time off.