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5 science Twitter accounts worth following

5 science Twitter accounts worth following

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson)

The science community’s resident go-to guy has a Twitter account that is so snarky you’ll want to favorite everything he tweets, even if you don’t fully understand it. Tyson presents ideas in a way that seems fun because, let’s face it, sometimes science can be boring. He often tweets interesting physics and astronomy tidbits that pertain to important pop culture events, like the Super Bowl or the Oscars. If you’re a fan of the cosmos or science being presented in a fun and easy to understand manner, give Neil a follow.

Henry Reich (@minutephysics)

The man behind the wildly popular YouTube channel called Minutephysics, Henry Reich, tweets out the videos from his channel as well as other physics facts. The YouTube channel features animated explanations of basic and complicated physics concepts. So if you find yourself in a physics class and have no idea what you’re doing, watch a couple of Minutephysics’ videos and you should have the concepts down in no time.


No list of science-related anything is complete without the one organization that is most well-known for science-related endeavors. NASA is your one stop shop for anything from pictures of the Mars rover to images from the Hubble telescope to general facts about space. If you don’t already follow NASA, do yourself a favor and do it now.

Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield)

Remember the guy who made the Major Tom music video from the International Space Station? Well, he’s no longer in space, but he’s still tweeting great photos of space. Regardless of whether or not he’s in space, he’s still an astronaut and you probably aren’t, so it’s interesting to see what that kind of life is like.

Bill Nye (@TheScienceGuy)

If you didn’t grow up watching Bill Nye’s show, either in your elementary school science classes or at home, I’m sorry to say you didn’t fully take advantage of what ended up being very educational. Damn you, Bill Nye, for making me learn things when I thought I was just watching TV. Nowadays, Bill spends most of his time doing speaking engagements and writing books about climate change, but every once and a while you’ll find him on TV talking global warming. Either way, give Bill a follow if you want to feel nostalgic.

Honorable Mentions (Not really science, but still funny)

YA BOY BILL NYE (@yaboybillnye)

Speaking of Bill Nye, have you ever wondered what the science guy would be like if he was an aspiring gangster rapper? No? Well trust me, this is something you want to see. Imagine a fairly innocuous picture of a tortoise who had wheels, but it’s a gangster version of Bill Nye saying “rats did this tortoise dirty and gnawed off his front legs so they gave him wheels now he grindin’ faster than ever.” It’s worth the follow.


Did you read this article and immediately say, “Wow, I can’t believe he never mentioned aliens. That counts as science because, they’re like, in space and stuff.” Fear not, friends. For those alien hunters out there, you can follow the (unfortunately fictional) WETI, which is an organization that, instead of going into space to find extraterrestrials, waits for the aliens to come to us.

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