Marquette receives $3.5M for improvements in Johnston

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The university announced Monday that the Diederich College of Communication received a $3.5 million gift from the Bernice Shanke Greiveldinger Charitable Trust to fund capital improvements in Johnston Hall.

Johnston Hall, Marquette’s oldest building, has seen a number of renovations over the course of the past couple of years, including major work over the past summer that added bathrooms on each floor.

“Significant renovations are needed to put the college on a pace to lead young journalists and media professionals for years to come,” said Geoffrey Greiveldinger, trustee of the Greiveldinger Charitable Trust, in a news release.

As examples for renovations, Greiveldinger pointed to a build-out of a “creative content” suite on the building’s second level, which houses Marquette Television, as well as revamped space for participants in the O’Brien Fellowship program.

“Through this generous gift, we will redefine space within our historic home to provide advanced technology and a more collaborative environment so that we may deliver the best, most relevant communication education to our students across all disciplines,” said Lori Bergen, dean of the College of Communication, in a news release. “The Greiveldinger Trust has honored us with this opportunity, and on behalf of the entire college I want to thank Geoffrey and his family.”

Bergen said phased renovations will start in January 2015 and continue through August 2018. She also said the college will consider input from faculty, students and staff.

The Greiveldinger Trust has also put $1 million toward the construction of the new Jesuit Residence, which is being built in the lot between the Alumni Memorial Union and Schroeder Hall.