I.M.A.P. adds trip to South Africa

The I.M.A.P. program is adding a new immersion experience in South Africa after a student push for the expansion. 

The two week program, located in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, will run from Dec. 27, 2014 to Jan. 11, 2015. A partnership between the Office of International Education, that already has a study abroad program in Cape Town, and I.M.A.P. allowed the program to come to fruition.

“When I say partnering, we’re using (OIE’s) building, a couple of their staff people, and their resources in South Africa,” said Ann Mulgrew, M.A.P. and I.M.A.P. coordinator in Campus Ministry.

Applications are already being received for the short-term immersion program, which does not focus on obtaining academic credit.

“There were a lot of students interested in getting connected to a global understanding of the world and poverty and themselves, while in an environment that helps them reflect upon that and really grow from that,” Mulgrew said. “There’s a lot of people that have degrees and pursuits that don’t allow them to study abroad at all.”

Mulgrew said I.M.A.P. participation may link to Milwaukee volunteering and service work once a student returns from the program.

“(I.M.A.P. is) an opportunity to learn about the bigger world and all of the many issues that we are all facing, and to expand our own identities as a member of this global planet and not just a member of Marquette,” Mulgrew said.