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Three crafts to make after move-in

Now that hectic move-in days are over, and you have had a couple of days to let go of the frustrations of slow elevators and limited carts, you can start to turn that little box called a dorm room into a home with three easy (and cheap) crafts.

Tape Designs

Zig Zag tape pattern makes a bland door more inviting. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected]




Not very artistic? Not a problem. With tape designs, artistic talent is not required. The only supplies you need are decorative Scotch Tape and a template to follow.





Take a boring drawer and dress it up with a simple square design. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected].
Accentuate your closet doors with a frame. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected].
Use a box template to cover up white wall space. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected].










Scotch Tape comes in variety of colors, shapes and characters. You can get them at Target, Walmart and craft stores.



Picture Frame White Board

Your schedule can be organized and look good at the same time. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected]



White boards are a great way to stay organized, but they can be an eye sore on your wall. Instead, minimize that giant white square with a decorative picture frame.

Take an ordinary picture frame and find a piece of colorful fabric or paper to put inside it.

Next, place the plastic or glass covering on top of the paper or fabric that way the plastic/glass acts as the white board. The only thing left is to get expo markers and fill in your schedule.




Starbucks Magnets

Hanging up to-do notes seem less stressful with a Starbucks magnet. Photo by Hannah Byron/ [email protected]

With a Starbucks on campus, it is hard to resist the temptation of a delicious latte. But don’t feel bad when you cave, save the caps and turn them into magnets.

First, take a roll of magnets and cut them into strips large enough to cover the cap. Then glue the magnet to the back of the cap. Once the glue dries, stick it to a mini fridge or any other magnetic surface with a note to remind yourself to go back for a Starbucks run.

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