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OLIVER: Don’t buy into Marquette stereotypes

The one thing I knew about Wisconsin before coming to Marquette was that Wisconsinites love to drink.

To name a few examples, look at the old Pabst Brewery, Miller Park, Sprecher, Great Lakes Brewery and Beer Fest. Beer is so plentiful that this entire column could be related to beer and festivals. We have our craft breweries, our microbreweries and then of course there is Miller Coors.

I like beer. I enjoy drinking it occasionally, but I think it is ridiculous that the state of Wisconsin embodies it. Wisconsin is a working man’s state, and thanks to the influence of way too many ad campaigns when I think of beer I think of that “American can-do spirit.”

Beer is a big reason Milwaukee is as big as it is. We not only consume tons of it, we also advertise it. I can’t think of a Summerfest where I didn’t see the various idiotic T-shirts advertising how drunk the state of Wisconsin is.

Now these idiotic shirts have made their way to campus.

Campus Teez, a clothing brand, made a shirt that is the pinnacle of the college-lifestyle stereotype. The brand is popular because it takes popular colleges and contorts their name into something that personifies the party culture that is college. Marquette’s T-shirt reads “Fuquette Let’s Drink.” Fuquette is pronounced “f**k it.” I bet that took Campus Teez all of five minutes to come up with, and is charging $22 for your chance to own one.

Mockup of Campus Teez' Marquette t-shirt from
Mockup of Campus Teez’ Marquette t-shirt from

Yes, college is a time to party. Everyone has a story, and most of us have been there once or twice to see the story unfold, but to make a shirt that embodies that concept is idiotic. You’re in college, everyone knows you’re going to party, we don’t need a shirt to point that out.

College is the last hurrah for many before they enter the “scary real world” we are taught so much about. I’m afraid I’ll burst your bubble, but college is the real world. For the past four years, I’ve paid bills, learned to cook, went to work, got in relationships and figured out how to pay my taxes. Surprise, we’ve been in the real world since we stepped on campus.

The shirt that Campus Teez is responsible for is a bad stereotype of college that Marquette and other schools work hard to fight. Yes, the stereotype is partly true, but at the end of the day and at the end of your four years here, I hope that college was more than just a place to go and get drunk.

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