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OLIVER: Don’t call for Superman, we don’t need him anyway


An article being shared around the Internet claims  millennials will save the world. It implies we are all going to put on our tights, lace up our boots, get our capes out of the closet and go save the world like some sort of collective Justice League.

Well I don’t want to be Superman. I don’t want to save the world. The world doesn’t need saving.

Yes, our future is set to be filled with inevitable struggles. I see same-sex marriage and our ongoing financial crisis as problems our generation will have to fix. Politicians can’t work together and the nation continues to fall deeper and deeper into debt by the minute. We are supposed to be doomed.

But we’re not.

Every generation has something that defines it. The boomers went to war. Generation X tore down the Berlin Wall. Y fought terrorism. And millennials are supposed to fix all of it.

Except all these problems aren’t really problems. Same-sex marriage is slowly making its way through the states’ legislatures. I know why people are opposed to it, but I can’t justify that opinion. If two men or two women want to get married, no one should have the right to stop them. While citizens of a country that touts how free it is, they are not granted the basic right of marriage.

As older generations who are opposed to same-sex marriage lose influence, the resistance to it will fade. This nation is more progressive when it comes to social issues. There’s no damsel in distress screaming out, needing to be saved. Superman doesn’t have to fly to same sex marriages’ rescue.

Wait! What about the economy? Can’t you hear the screams of the nation as we fall more into debt, Superman?

There is an ugly and unfortunate truth here. The economy is in need of help. The U.S. spends a disgusting amount of money, but we also take in an impressive sum. What we need is an economic plan that will actually account for the future. We can’t just keep raising the debt ceiling for another few months to put off another government shutdown. We can’t sustain all of the nation’s social programs. These programs were created during the Great Depression when the nation really needed them. They are great for people that are down on their luck or too old to work, but we can’t have them in this grand scale as they are now.

They aren’t helping anymore, they are hurting. We can’t sustain the extravagant spending and we shouldn’t expect to. Hopefully there will be nothing comparable to the Great Depression in our future, and if we have a catastrophic depression then we can reevaluate our social support programs again.

We need the two major political parties in this nation to be willing to come together and work out a plan that will sustain us for a continued period of growth. This means we need to compromise and share, much like in kindergarten.

We have two parties with their hearts set on opposing agendas. There is small amount of a gray area where the two parties come together. But, extremists on both ends of the spectrum kill any promise of working in that area. Diehard Democrats and Tea Party Republicans need to set aside these very extreme differences, if just for a moment, and come together to figure out a way to set the country on a proper course.

When, not if, that happens, the insurmountable debt crisis won’t be as bad as the current situation.

The nation is tied to a railroad track with a speeding train is roaring toward us, but up in the sky, what is that? Is it a bird? A plane? No wait, it’s Superman. We are all saved. Except the train already stopped 20 feet away, and we managed to untie the rope before the train even got close to us.

I have some bad news for you, Superman. Return to your phone booth, put on your dress shirt and Drew Carey-esque glasses and go back to the Daily Planet. These problems are solvable, and we don’t need your help.

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