Meeting the names on the badges

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For over two months now, I have been the DPS/Crime reporter for the Tribune. When journalists cover one subject for a period of time, they have a pretty full understanding of that subject. However, nothing has taught me about DPS like the profiles I did over the past two weeks.

About two weeks ago, when my first DPS profile was published, the Trib also published an editorial defending DPS, reminding students that the officers are not out to get us, but are our friends. Having talked to them, I can attest to those words.

I started my first profile at 12:30 a.m. on a Sunday. I walked down the stairs of McCormick and was lucky to find Evelyn Diaz. I was fortunate enough to hear her story of all that she was able to overcome. Not only that, but how much of her life was shaped through Marquette. What struck me most was how she was so willing and able to tell her story while connecting it to DPS.

For my second feature, I interviewed Chief Larry Rickard. The interview was not what I expected at all. Honestly, I was expecting a Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami. However, I met a man who displayed his love for his family and the people the he works with. Being so far away from home, it was nice to just be able to talk to someone so wise but at the same time, so fun.

The piece I did for Thursday’s issue was a little different. I profiled Karen Walshon. In the article, I tried to communicate how Walshon’s public service career has really grown through Marquette, seeing as she started as a safety patroller while a student here.

Through all the interviews I have done with DPS and their officers, not just the profile pieces, I have been lucky to learn about them and feel a great sense of community.

At every interview, I ask the officers why they chose Marquette. I hear consistently that Marquette is their home. I think that it is fitting those protecting the students feel that way.

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