Reader’s Submission: A memory to be had

It’s been four years, but I can remember clicking the button — Attending.  I can remember my first sight of campus — Gesu, the AMU, the Beercan, the Bradley Center. I remember my first sip of Lite in the 24 oz. cup — the Bradley Brew. I remember my first post-game trip to the Third Street strip, thrills from a Warrior win still coursing through my veins — meet at OGBH; no, Brat House; no, Buck Bradley’s! I remember the Saturdays that seemed to last an eternity, the kegs and eggs, the cliché chants, the ‘Pray’ video. I remember my first look inside the Bradley Center — the players, the students, the alumni, the Buzz, the gold, the unity. Yes, I remember the unity — We are Marquette!

What I cannot remember is the Alma Mater, united with my brothers and sisters of Marquette at the end of the game, belting out every last word.  I don’t remember doing this, because the song is not played after games.  I’d love for the band to play it when the clock strikes zero this Saturday against Georgetown.  I’d love to be able to do that after every MU home game, from here forward.  I’d love the chance to show the Georgetown fans and the rest of the Bradley Center that, win or lose, I’m still proud of our players; proud of coaches; proud of what we stand for; and most importantly, still proud of the best decision I’ve ever made — attending this university.


Peter McCormick

Senior, College of Engineering