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HARRIS: Beards are awesome

My name is Vanessa Harris, and I have a deep appreciation for bearded gentlemen. I believe that every man should rock some sort of facial hair at least once in his life (beards are the superior choice, though).

In 2012, it’s time to try something new, guys – and by new, I mean a sophisticated frame for your manly man face.

Why grow a beard you ask? I think the answer is obvious: Beards are awesome.

Yes, growing a beard largely depends on your genetics, and yes, some of you might be unfortunate enough to have a weird patchy beard or something of that nature, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options out there for you.

Once you’ve committed to the idea of growing facial hair (again, preferably a beard), you sir, are already on the road to greatness.

First things first: You have to start growing the facial hair out. I would say wait at least three weeks before you take the weed whacker to your chin – again though, this depends on your genetics and how fast you can actually grow facial hair.

If you’re an eager beaver and trim too soon, you may trim too much. Even if you’re going for a goatee, circle beard or chinstrap, you have to start with a fairly mature face full of hair. That way, if you make a mistake, nothing is too noticeable – hopefully.

If you decide to embrace the full beard (good choice), invest in a nice beard trimmer.

Well-groomed facial hair looks great at work, school, on dates, visiting Grandma or just bumming around.  Maintenance is going to be what keeps you from scaring small children and animals. You don’t want to be able to corn roll your facial hair. That is a fact.

A beard trimmer is easier and safer to use than scissors, and it’s a more efficient way of cleaning your face up really quickly.

Need to use a straight razor? That’s cool, too. The only problem with straight razors is that you’re increasing your chances of nasty ingrown hairs, rough stubble and nicks. That can’t be pleasant for you, and it sure isn’t pleasant for anybody who has to look at your face.

I don’t have a beard (I’m a lady), but I do have to shave my legs, and the process to prevent annoying razor bumps and cuts is quite similar, believe it or not. The texture of the hair on legs and faces are both much rougher than elsewhere.

Take a hot shower before hand, or place a hot towel on your face to loosen up the pores. It helps you remove the hair a lot better.  Exfoliating your face before you shave also helps to slough away dry skin, and preps the face for a close shave.

Secondly, condition your beard. Seriously. Not only are you giving it a gentle cleansing, but you’re also softening the hair in the process. You’re a busy man, so killing two birds with one stone is a bonus.

I’ve been on a natural kick lately, so I also want suggest a few home remedies you can use to keep your facial hair in check.

The purpose of an aftershave is to work as an antiseptic. Many commercial products have alcohol and harsh fragrances in them that can irritate sensitive, freshly shaven skin. Don’t waste your money, people. You’re in college.

Buy witch hazel instead – a gentle and all natural substitute. It’s less than $4 for a 16 oz. bottle, and you can use it as an aftershave, face toner, a natural remedy for psoriasis and eczema and on your scalp as a dandruff treatment. It’s like Batman’s utility belt.

Coconut and olive oil will also do wonders for your newfound facial hair. Mix some coconut and olive oil together and slather it on your beard a half hour before you trim or shave. Both oils are great moisturizers, and coconut reduces protein loss when used in hair. Coconut and olive oil are also great as body moisturizers.

I talked to stylist Theri DeJoode from Groom, a male hair salon in the Third Ward, and she agreed that there’s a fine line between “having a full beard that’s unkempt and one that’s classically groomed.”

DeJoode suggested using a Mason Pearson brush, an all-natural boar bristle brush, to help style your dashing facial hair.

Groom, located on 330 East St. Paul Ave., offers a 20 percent discounts for students before 4 p.m., and if you’re feeling really daring, you can be a guinea pig for practicing stylists and receive a free haircut.

Now, gentleman, go out and grow some dapper facial hair.

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