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Charity “Flex Watches” hit campus

Proceeds from "Flex Watches" go toward numerous charities. Photo by Martina Ibanez/ [email protected]

A month ago, Joshua Arter, a senior in the College of Communication, had no idea what Flex Watches were.

But after seeing them on an episode of “The Real World” over fall break, he immediately called the company in hopes of bringing the product to Marquette students. Now, he serves as the campus representative for Flex Watches, marketing the product and its “10-10-10” standard of donation to the university.

The 10-10-10 standard refers to the company’s business model: It sells 10 different colored watches representing 10 different charities and in turn, 10 percent of combined proceeds benefit these given organizations, according to the Flex Watch Web page.

“I think this is such a unique and new way of donating to charities and giving back,” Arter said. “The 10-10-10 standard is what really inspired me.”

All watches cost $30 and have interchangeable bands and faces. The watches may be purchased online or, for Marquette students, can be ordered through Arter.

In response to the watches’ growing popularity, other students like Cameron Knox, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, also contacted the charity about working as a representative on campus.

“I love Flex Watches,” Knox said. “I asked my parents to get me some as a Christmas gift.”

Flex Watches are made of rubber and metal materials, are waterproof and are made in China, according to the Web page.

Some of the supported charities include the St. Bernard Project, represented by the orange colored watch and benefiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and the light blue watch, representing The Living Health, which supports mental health and suicide awareness.

Arter said although the company is relatively new at the national and campus level, he believes Flex Watches will prove to be a popular item amongst Marquette students.

“Marquette students are very hip and into cool things,” he said. “And as a whole, Marquette students are also really into giving back.”

Bryan Miguel, a senior in the College of  Communication and Flex Watch customer, said he thinks the company utilitizes a combination of charity work and profit-making strategy that all businesses may have to develop.

“Because of how transparent companies have to be nowadays with social media and consumers going on global backlashes, I predict that companies will no longer be able to be self sustaining as solely a for-profit corporation,” Miguel said in an email.

Although the company does generate revenue, Arter said he works for the company for free.

“The only perk I get is one free watch for every five I sell,” Arter said. “I decided to become a rep because I think this company is great and I just wanted to get involved.”

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    9894postonkNov 17, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    This seems cool except this article is wrong, unless I am. I did research on the 10 charities because I was excited about the watch for mental health awareness, for this is something I am passionate about. Yet, when I looked this is NOT what the blue watch was for. If there is this charity then it is not part of the ten and then everything goes wrong with the model and such. Kind of a disappointment to me if Marquette was just wrong about the charities involved.