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Gold ‘n Blues, Hype Dance and the Studio 013 Refugees brew up a night of entertainment

Marquette isn’t an arts-oriented school, but that hasn’t stopped many of its students from taking it upon themselves to make their own creative outlets.

Campus organizations Gold ‘n Blues, Hype Dance and Studio 013 Refugees (the Fugees, for short) all originated after students with a common interest needed an avenue to share their talents. Over the years, each of these organizations has grown and built a following amongst Marquette’s community and throughout Milwaukee.

Marquette's only co-ed a cappella group, the Gold 'n Blues, practice for their upcoming performance. Photo by Elise Krivit/[email protected].

This Saturday, Nov. 19, all three hope to sell out the Varsity Theatre with one of the biggest performances of the semester: Grand New Brew, which will showcase the three groups’ different styles and one common desire to entertain.

Matt Campbell, a senior in the College of Communication and president of Gold ‘n Blues, Marquette’s only coed a cappella group, came up with the idea to put on a large show in conjunction with Marquette’s popular student organizations.

“Gold ‘n Blues was the main driving force behind this,” said Andrew Pauly, a senior in the College of Communication and co-president of the Studio 013 Refugees.

Both the Fugees and Hype Dance members knew other members of the Gold ‘n Blues, so when they were asked to participate in Grand New Brew, they readily agreed.

“I’m pretty happy that they asked us,” said Alex Johnson, a senior in the College of Communication and one of the chapter directors for Hype Dance Marquette. “It’s the first time we’re performing with people who aren’t dancing. The show has singing, dancing, improv — that’s a good mix.”

Grand New Brew is proving itself to be a learning experience for each of the organizations involved, as well as the perfect opportunity to gain exposure and expand their individual followings on campus.

Because each group’s specific talents are diverse, the biggest challenge is appealing to people who might not have gone to see them perform if it wasn’t for the other headliners.

“I think it will be a great opportunity for the fans of the Fugees and Hype to see us and vice versa,” said Laura Walsh, a sophomore in the College of Communication and a member of Gold ‘n Blues. “I want to share what they have to share with our fans that may not go to their shows.”

Each group will be adjusting to new surroundings as well. Hype Dance usually performs in the Weasler Auditorium, the Fugees hold their performances in room 200 at Marquette Hall, and this will be Gold ‘n Blues first performance with professional sound and lighting.

Regardless of the difficulties there might be in putting on Grand New Brew, the show’s pros outweigh the cons. Not only will the groups involved get to do what they love, but audiences will be able to enjoy a great show while supporting arts organizations at Marquette.

“I know people are concerned about it being $10, but it’s well worth it,” Johnson said. “You’re getting three really quality groups who are practicing hard.”

Hype Dance

Marquette University doesn’t scream hip-hop. You probably won’t catch any Jesuits planning a dance battle anytime soon.

But regardless of Marquette’s lack of attachment to the hip-hop culture many young people identify with today, students are still embracing the creativity and self-expression hip-hop was built on through dance. Hype Dance, the first hip-hop dance group on campus, started in the early 2000s and has successfully expanded to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Since originating, Hype has developed a loyal following on campus, often bringing large turnouts to their performances at the Weasler Auditorium each semester. Throughout the year, Hype also travels to other colleges to perform as well as to different communities in the Milwaukee area.

Hype holds auditions for new dancers at the beginning of each school year.  Follow @HYPEMARQUETTE on Twitter for updates.

Studio 013 Refugees

The members of Studio 013 Refugees all have a lot in common. They go to Marquette, they like comedy and they enjoy making people laugh.

The Fugees seem good at it too – they average around 100 audience members at their monthly free shows. Improvisational comedy isn’t for everyone, but the chemistry among the Fugees gives them the ability to play to each other’s strengths and weakness. The result is often a great performance.

Studio 013 Refugees was formed 15 years ago by an engineering student on campus. The original members used to practice and perform in Studio 013 at the Helfaer Theatre but were later kicked out of the space for reasons now unknown. They then came up with the fitting name of Studio 013 Refugees.

Since then, the current Fugees have been keeping the tradition alive. Every month in room 200 of Marquette Hall, audiences can watch the Fugees perform. Most recently, the Fugees opened for BJ Novak and put on a straight 12-hour show in front of the Alumni Memorial Union.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of because you’re creating something new every time,” said Pauly. “That’s what so fun about improv. It’s the interaction between the audience and the relationship between the performers and the audience.”

The Fugees’ next performance is Dec. 9 in room 200 of Marquette Hall. Follow @fuguee_man on Twitter for updates.

Gold ‘n Blues

The Gold ‘n Blues may be only a few years old, but the group’s success has been constantly growing.

Created in early 2008 in the basement of McCormick Hall by nine students looking for more a cappella opportunities on campus, Gold ‘n Blues now gives students on campus the chance to hear contemporary music with a unique flare.

Gold ‘n Blues has become a sought-after group, auditioning 60 students for four spots this past year.  Their talent has given them the opportunity to record an album, travel and perform at other colleges and events, and even sing the National Anthem at a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game.

The group is in the process of recording its second album and continues to share its passion for music with the Marquette community.

You can learn more about Gold ‘n Blues on their website, and on Twitter @MUGoldNBlues.

Grand New Brew is Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Varsity Theater. Tickets are on sale for $10 and can be purchased online at

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