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Schulhof offers options, students say

  • Students claim location and updated appliances are perks of living in Schulhof properties like the Ardmore, the Abode and the MonteCristo
  • The location is a main selling point for students at the Ardmore, which is above Walgreens and Caffrey’s, but students say it can be noisy at night
  • Students at the Abode said new features like sinks in every bedroom make it a satisfying living experience
  • Students opting for a pricier apartment live at the MonteCristo, which was recently renovated and includes new appliances

When College of Arts & Sciences junior Shayla Fay was looking for an apartment last year, she called the Ardmore Apartments on a whim. After a tour, Fay was sold on the location.

She said she enjoys perks of the nearby location at 711 N. 16 St., which include taking time to get ready in the morning and proximity to the Rec Center.

“We’re super close to campus and campus’ amenities,” Fay said. “If I want, I can go to Starbucks. I’ve started buying random things at Walgreen’s.”

Her roommate, Sadie Tuescher, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, said she agreed that the location and the $325 sticker they pay for it have made for a satisfying stay.

When the two were touring the apartments, James Schulhof, owner of Schulhof Properties that manages the Ardmore and 25 other properties on campus, showed them around.

“They were catering right away to our needs so we’d find an apartment that was a very good fit,” Tuescher said.

Schulhof has been in business on campus for over 25 years.

Students can choose from studio apartments in the Ardmore to more pricey four bedroom apartments at the MonteCristo, 1722 W. Wells St.

Most students said the location, updated appliances and quick response time from landlords are strong selling points at the Ardmore, the Abode, 831 N. 16 St. and the MonteCristo.

The Ardmore houses a mix of graduate students as well as juniors and seniors in its 70 units, Schulhof said. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet during his office hours, Schulhof said.

“During the day it’s kind of like a ghost town around here,” Schulhof said.

Nighttime hours are different, students said.

Tuescher sleeps with earplugs because she can hear “the freshman yell and scream” from McCormick. Fay said she’s adjusted to the noise, and enjoys the more relaxed mood of the building.

“It’s not like Renee Row,” Fay said. “It’s a lot more laid back.”

The roommates live in a one-bedroom apartment with two walk-in closets and a bathroom. A curtain divides the room in half, and they each fit a queen bed, desk and bookshelf in the room.

Fay said the rooms are spacious and affordable, as well as available late into the year. They didn’t sign a lease until late April.

Lindsay Hickey, a senior in the College of Business Administration, has lived in a small studio at The Ardmore for two years. She said the manager, who lives next door, responds quickly to problems, like when her doorknob didn’t work last year.

Fay said her only complaint is the old windows, which are hard to clean. Otherwise, she said. Schulhof is always around, and he even helped carry her Christmas present to her mom up the stairs.

Students opting for a smaller apartment building stay at the Abode, which used to be a men’s correctional facility, Schulhof said.

His company renovated the Abode, and now it has two six-bedroom, four-bedroom and eight-bedroom apartments. Utilities are included in the $500 price. All apartments have ovens and dishwashers; some bedrooms have their own sinks, mini fridges and medicine cabinets.

“When you live in larger groups, it’s nice to be able to go to your own room,” Schulhof said.

The Abode is already full for next year, he said.

College of Business Administration senior James Woywod said the Abode fills up quickly. His three roommates and he have lived in the Abode for two years, after signing a lease in September 2006. He said he has been happy with the apartment and did not want to look around again.

His roommate, Dan Wojno, a senior in the College of Engineering, said they enjoy the close location and the expansive rooms.

“It’s nicer than Marquette II and comparable to the Kensington Apartments,” Wojno said.

Kegs are not allowed in the apartment, but Woywod said they inform the management about upcoming parties.

The MonteCristo isn’t a party atmosphere either, said Steve Austin, a junior in the College of Health Sciences.

“It’s pretty chill and pretty quiet on the weekends,” he said.

The pale yellow walls, cranberry doors and plush red carpeting evoke a richer feel.

The MonteCristo was renovated in 2000 and looks like a building in the Third Ward. The building includes all new amenities.

“Students today want central air conditioning and dishwashers. They want a clean, safe place in a good environment. They want things to look nice,” Schulhof said.

Students have to pay a higher price for the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Austin said he pays about $525 a month.

“It’s kind of a status apartment,” Austin said.

Austin said he does not feel threatened living near the Rescue Mission. The building is secure and his windows have bars on them.

Tuesday, in Schulholf-owned Maryland Court Apartments, an unidentified man was found in a student’s room, after her roommate left the door unlocked.

Schulholf said Maryland Court, 2041 W. Wisconsin Ave., has been undergoing renovations since he purchased the building in December 2007.

But Austin said he’s enjoyed living in the Monte Cristo, which he calls “impressive.”

“It’s pretty good here,” Austin said. “It’s definitely not the dorms.”

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