Sports Sideshow: German gala grab and go

As if watching people quietly play cards on television wasn’t exciting enough, last Saturday’s European Poker Tournament at Berlin’s Grand Hyatt Hotel included a twist aside from the usual polite request for a mineral water by the chip leader.

They got robbed.

The live German broadcast was interrupted by four hooded burglars, armed with hand guns, machetes and even eyewitness reports of hand grenades. (Where did you get that? asks Ron Burgundy.) If you haven’t seen the video, it’s pretty surreal. People are running around as if the casino just cut shrimp cocktail appetizer prices in half.

Reports are conflicting, but it is believed that the intruders made off with the 800,000 Euro grand prize money and are still at large. The broadcast was not resumed after the incident. Aw, man. Just when it was getting interesting, too.

Why was this so easily pulled off? Tournament officials requested that security not conceal weapons. Good thinking, guys. What’s the worst that could happen?