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VIEWPOINT: More diversity would enrich students

After reading the article about diversity at Marquette, I felt these views mirrored my own. While I am a member of the majority population, I have long felt that more diversity needs to be present on campus.

Many of my most interesting experiences have stemmed from hearing the experiences of other students and professors.

I find it fascinating to hear and learn about ways of life and cultures that differ from my own, and I believe it would enrich the Marquette experience for everyone if more diversity were present on campus.

People need to see more of the world than the same snapshot of life they’re accustomed to on a daily basis. The Marquette Core of Common Studies is focused on giving students a peek into different subjects.

By implementing these required classes into the curriculum, we strive to create well-rounded Marquette graduates with knowledge in a diverse number of fields.

Despite the requirements only providing a taste of these topics, they still open the doors to a wide range of knowledge that may not otherwise be noticed or pursued. Why not encourage the diversification of the student and faculty population to complement the desired classroom experience?

Learning about different cultures goes beyond the classroom, and making friends of different backgrounds truly enriches the lives of students. You can experience things you otherwise would not through connections made at Marquette.

In addition, when we graduate and start working, we will encounter people with all different beliefs and of all different races.

While it is impossible to learn about every culture and religion, it would be beneficial to learn and experience as much as possible, especially in an environment like Marquette.

Marquette does a lot to try to bring in a diverse student and faculty population.

However, I wish diversity was more apparent, because having it at our fingertips would enrich our lives in so many ways, both in the classroom and beyond.

Amy Kren is a junior in the College of Business Administration.

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