Speedy Schwab helps pace Golden Eagles

It's too bad golf isn't a game of who finishes first. If that was the case, senior men's golfer Dustin Schwab would most likely be the favorite in every event he competes.

Most players take a few practice swings, debate what club to hit, and study their next shot until they feel comfortable. Schwab is one of those players, but he just does it a lot faster.

"I'm a really fast player," Schwab said. "Some guys are still putting clubs away in my backswing and they apologize, but it really doesn't affect me. I'm just focused in."

Schwab, who began his collegiate career at Edgewood College in Madison, Wis., came to Marquette his second semester freshman year and did not compete for the Golden Eagles.

"Coming over from Edgewood, I really liked the guys on the team here, and it felt like the best fit for me," Schwab said.

In typical Schwab fashion, he made a quick transition to this Golden Eagles lineup. His time off had no effect as he represented Marquette in every event during his sophomore year.

Coach Tim Grogan has always been impressed by Schwab's steady play, a factor that is essential to compete on this level.

"What you see is what you get with him," Grogan said. "He's just a real steady kid, he's very likeable and he would never say anything negative."

Schwab has recently made a name for himself in the state of Wisconsin winning the WSGA Match Play Championship held in June.

He mentioned that his victory there was "the best moment of his golf career up to this point."

This year, however, has been an up-and-down year for both Schwab and the Golden Eagles. He is looking for that breakthrough performance in order for the team to be a serious threat.

"Individually I would like to improve my scoring average by two or three shots," Schwab said. "As a team, it would be nice to repeat as Big East champs and just take that next step in the NCAA's."

Mike Van Sickle, the team's only other senior representative, marveled about how far Schwab has come from his first day as a Golden Eagle.

"His game from then to now has improved so much," Van Sickle said. "He's a lot more consistent and a lot better player because of it."

Van Sickle also commented on Schwab's ability to almost do anything and everything faster than the normal human being.

Schwab "basically does everything so fast," Van Sickle said. "His steak eating ability is incredible.

"Last year I believe he finished an entire steak in under 1:50. It's a good thing I didn't put my hand in front of him."

Grogan feels that, although it's hard to break a player out of his normal routine, Schwab has had to put a few things into perspective to improve his game.

"He's consciously had to slow down, assess the situation in front of him and have a plan for each shot," Grogan said. "Focusing on this has helped his game and scoring, and he has really improved."

Schwab is looking to get back to good form and do it fast, something that he should have no problem with.