Student media coverage limited

Student media were not allowed to take notes to report on the mascot nickname forum, sponsored by Marquette University Student Government and the Residence Hall Association.

Rana Altenburg, vice president of Public Affairs, and Timothy Lefeber, MUSG president and College of Health Sciences senior, strongly suggested the Marquette Tribune's Marquette Student Government reporter not record the session nor take notes during it.

A Marquette University Television reporter was not allowed to film the session, according to Jenna Santoianni, the general manager of MUTV.

The Tribune and MUTV reporters were allowed to use mental notes, record quotes after the forum and film outside the ballroom.

Lefeber said the forum sponsors "wanted to allow students the opportunity to speak freely without feeling they were documented or going on the record."

"We didn't want to make it a media event because at times that intimidates people from speaking, especially on such a sensitive issue," Lefeber said. "It may involve personal beliefs."

Lefeber added MUSG took the precaution to gather accurate information on which the Board of Trustees could base its decision.

"We don't want to compromise the opportunity to share student thoughts or student feelings about the issue with an administrator who will be able to report this to the Board of Trustees," Lefeber said.

The forum was open to all students. Under the organization's constitution, all students are members of MUSG because all pay the $49 student activity fee.