Hall primaries heat up

Rikida Starace

“The elections are going well,” elections coordinator Sarah Klatt said. “It’s very refreshing to see so many people dedicated to this campaign, and there are many new faces getting involved and that is great to see.”

Cobeen, O’Donnell, South and McCormick halls will hold primary elections. Primary elections will not be held in other residence halls because they are only needed in halls where “the number of candidates exceeds twice the number of positions available,” according to the MUSG constitution.

The primary election will narrow the race down to two candidates for each hall, and one senator each will be elected in the final election, according to Klatt.

In a sea of possible MUSG senators, there are a number of experienced new faces. The candidates for Cobeen Hall are freshmen Colleen Carroll, Kathleen Garcia and Jamie Wu.

Carroll has been involved in student council in high school and said that she had hoped to continue her involvement in college.

“I want to start a newspaper for Cobeen that has MUSG issues,” Carroll said. “I want it to be a way to share information between the hall and MUSG.”

Garcia wants to establish a tradition of a Cobeen Hall Day.

“It’ll be a day for residents from other halls to come over to Cobeen and maybe have a barbeque and play Frisbee,” Garcia said.

Wu has focused her platform on community service and involvement.

“I feel that to truly give to others we must first give of ourselves,” Wu said.

O’Donnell Hall candidates are freshmen Dan Calandriello, Adam C. Fritsch, Colin Higgins, and Jimmy Tobyne.

Calandriello said that he hopes to have more social activities between Cobeen and O’Donnell.

Fritsch said that he would be an open ear for the O’Donnell residents.

“It’s more what change the students want and not what I want,” Fritsch said.

Higgins said that students should vote for him because he is “very hard working and approachable” to residents.

Tobyne, however, said that his experience is what sets him apart from other candidates.

“My interest in politics really started when I went to Washington D.C.,” Tobyne said. “I wanted to continue my involvement on campus.”

The candidates for South Hall are freshmen Dan Love Jr., Michael Luedke and Anton Timms.

“I ran for some positions in student government in high school but never won,” Love Jr. said. “I just think that this is an excellent way to be involved in my school.”

Luedke said that he hopes to push forth a call for more diversity on campus if he is elected.

“I was the director of diversity at my high school, and I think that this is a very important issue to bring to MUSG and this campus,” Luedke said.

Timms said that he’s striving for a home-like atmosphere for South Hall.

“I want living in South Hall to be like living at home for all the residents,” Timms said. “I want to create a sense of unity.”

McCormick Hall will elect two senators in the final election, and the primary will narrow the list of five candidates to three, according to Klatt.

Candidates for the primary are freshmen Kate Herrman, Amy Hinricher, Christopher (C.J.) Hoffman, Blake Kurinsky and Brooke Stedman.

Herrman said that while she doesn’t know the demands of being a senator, she would listen to the residents’ needs.

“I want to be a voice for McCormick and listen to the concern of the residents,” Herrman said.

Hinricher said that she has adopted a more activist approach to her platform.

“I really support events that don’t involve drinking so if I’m elected I’ll be promoting more Late Nights and more dry activity choices on campus,” Hinricher said.

Hoffman said that he wants to see a less stressful student body.

“I want to get funding for more McCormick programs and start a program aimed to relieve student stress during times of midterms and finals,” Hoffman said.

Kurinsky said that he wants to create a unity among the largest freshman dorm.

“We’re all first-year students, and I’d like to see unity and camaraderie among the residents,” Kurinsky said.

Stedman and Mashuda Hall candidates Katherine Ferrari, Philip Juranski and Annie Nolan could not be reached for comment.