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Tribune: Are you a big sports fan Fr. Wild?

University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild: I’m a huge Marquette men’s basketball fan. The women’s games also and some soccer and volleyball. I certainly try to get to as many games as I can. It’s hard because my schedule is so busy. I do like the Packers. I’m originally from Chicago and when I first came here the Packers won the Super Bowl and they asked me who I was for, Green Bay or the Bears. I said, I’m here in Wisconsin and I want to survive (laughs). I’m not a guy for sitting in front of the TV and watching sports, I get restless. I grew up a White Sox fan — I grew up on the south side of Chicago. I am delighted to see the Cubbies doing so well though. The Michael Jordan era, the Bulls were hard to resist. I don’t like pro basketball too much, I like college.

Tribune: You’re a pretty tall guy; did you ever play any sports?

Wild: I was one of the guys the high school basketball coach looked at because I was tall and lanky. They said ‘maybe?’ (laughs). Then they saw me on the court.

Tribune: When you were in college, what was one of the big sports moments?

Wild: What I remember was when Loyola-Chicago (his alma mater) won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1963 over Cincinnati of all people. (The Jesuits) didn’t watch a lot of TV or even read newspapers. Things have changed now.

Tribune: Who was or still is your favorite athlete?

Wild: I do like Michael Jordon and the other greats … like Brett Favre, he’s hard to resist. And a guy I knew went to Marquette and now coaches in Orlando, Doc Rivers, was a great guy.

Tribune: Do you have a favorite team?

Wild: Packers.

Tribune: Who do you think is a real popular sports figure for the youth today?

Wild: I don’t know, that varies from place to place. I would say Favre.

Tribune: Last season with the men’s basketball team going to the Final Four, that was pretty amazing. How did you feel seeing all those Marquette fans in New Orleans?

Wild: That was awesome. Point and simple. It made a huge difference in Minneapolis (against Kentucky). When we got blown out by Kansas, our fans were still great. It took Al McGuire nine years and Tom Crean did it in four.

Tribune: You have pretty good seats at the men’s basketball games I take it, so have you ever shouted out at the ref’s if they made a bad call?

Wild: (laughing) I try to behave myself because I’m the president but I say there are moments. One of the other Jesuits said I better calm down because I was excited. We kinda want things the Marquette way.

Tribune: Are you ready for a little sports trivia?

Wild: (laughs) I don’t know how I’ll do.

Tribune: What Marquette basketball player was drafted as the fifth pick in this year’s NBA draft?

Wild: That’s easy. Dwyane Wade, one of the greats.

Tribune: Who won the Super Bowl last season?

Wild: Oh God … I’m sitting here drawing a blank. I’m not coming with it. I’m embarrassed.

Tribune: A Los Angeles Laker player is in the news for going on trial. What is his name?

Wild: Kobe Bryant. That’s a tough deal.

Tribune: Who did the Cubs beat in Game 5 to move on to play the Florida Marlins?

Wild: Let’s see, and they just won too. Atlanta.

Tribune: Who won the NBA championship last season?

Wild: The Lakers? I’ll go with that.

Tribune: Last question. Rush Limbaugh was fired from ESPN for making a comment about Donovan McNabb. What team does McNabb play for?

Wild: The Philadelphia Eagles. Yeah, what was Rush doing trying to be a sports announcer?

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