Noise irritates students

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The number of people who considered buying earplugs, soundproofing equipment or heavy metal albums to block out noise from construction may be considerable, according to an online survey conducted by the Office of Adminstration.

According to Toby Peters, associate vice president in the Office of Adminstration, the survey was taken to gauge student reaction to construction and prepare for later reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange near campus. Nearly 800 students responded to the survey.

"We were very pleased with the response," Peters said.

Joseph Cockrell, the assistant director of university communication who is involved in evaluating the survey, said that results were not immediately available and the results would be released along with a summary of focus groups from Schroeder Hall and Abbotsford next week.

"The preliminary indications are that this information will be very useful," he said. He was unaware of the exact findings of the survey but said his "sense is that the further away from pile-driving a person is, the less disturbing it will be."

Many students who live near the construction said they were upset by the constant noise from the construction.

"At the beginning of the year, (the pile-driving) started around 6 a.m. and woke (my roommate and me) up every day," said sophomore Meghan McCafferty, a Schroeder Hall resident who said her room was right next to the construction. "I've had headaches, and my roommate and I can't study or take naps. It's our room — we should be able to study here."

McCafferty also said the pile-driving was causing the furniture in her room to shake and attempts to block out the noise — which included earplugs, keeping windows closed and playing loud music — were not working.

Cockrell said the construction company was asked to wait until 8 a.m. to begin work after many complaints had been registered about the early pile-driving. But for many students, Cockrell said, that hour was still too early.

Another Schroeder resident, sophomore Damian Anisko, said he was aware of a large number of Schroeder residents complaining about the continual noise.

The pile-driving is scheduled to end this week.

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