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Seven still battling to be part of starting five

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“We’re getting away from the traditional 1-2-3-4-5s,” she said. “That’s part of the offense, is to get away from positions. But there are definitely scorers.”

#2, Carolyn Kieger, 5-6, sophomore

Every basketball team needs a good point guard, someone who can pass the ball and rack up assists. Sophomore Carolyn Kieger, who started at point last year, can definitely pass the ball.

She can also score, and, along with cutting down turnovers, this is something Mitchell would like to see her do more of this season.

“Her goal, personally, is to take care of the ball more,” Mitchell said. “Carolyn, sometimes she’s ahead of herself. We want to lower her turnovers. My job as a coach is to keep reminding her of what she needs to be, to be a scorer, because she can. She’s always thinking pass first. She needs to be a top scorer for us. She knows that.”

Kieger also mentioned turnovers as something she would like to improve on this season.

“I’d like to, this year, cut down on my turnovers, and have a good assist-to-turnover ratio,” Kieger said. “Scoring-wise, scoring will come, but as a point guard I want to lead my team better this year, set my teammates up. Just be the floor leader and hopefully bring my team to where we want to go.”

#31, Kelly Schwerman, 5-9, senior

Kelly Schwerman is a sharpshooter. A senior, Schwerman will start at what can be considered the shooting guard position. She wants to help the team in this, her final year, by making her game more consistent.

“I think I just want to have a year where I’m helping out the team, whether it’s playing defense or knocking down shots,” Schwerman said. “Whatever they need me to do, I’ll be willing to do. I think if I do the little things, the team will really benefit.

“I just hope that I can keep consistently shooting well. In the past, I (went) through streaks where a couple games I’ll be hitting a lot of shots, and some other streaks where I’m not. I just want to keep consistent — consistency in shooting.”

#44, Crystal Weaver, 5-11, senior

Crystal Weaver’s personal goals for her final season in blue and gold are simple.

“Being my last year, I just really want to enjoy it,” Weaver said. “I want to work hard, I want to love playing basketball and I want to love finishing out my senior year.”

She is also hoping the team will finish at the top of the conference and advance to NCAA tournament for the first time. The senior forward’s goals will be easier to achieve if she can replicate the success she enjoyed last season.

During the 2002-’03 season Weaver started all 30 games, averaged nearly six rebounds per game, and had two double-doubles.

#24, Danielle Kamm, 6-2, freshman

When Terri Mitchell selects her starting lineup before each game this season she will have a couple of decisions to make. One of them includes determining whether to start Katie O’Grady or Danielle Kamm at guard.

Kamm, a freshman who averaged 18 points and 11.6 rebounds during her senior season at Nouvel Catholic Central High School, has one advantage — her height.

“Danielle is a 6-2 guard and, I mean she truly is a guard,” Mitchell said. “She can shoot the three and go by and it’s not that she can’t defend and do things in the post, but that’s not where we’re playing her and that just gives us a different look.”

#12, Katie O’Grady, 5-8, senior

Katie O’Grady, a 5-foot-8 guard, will see a lot of minutes, probably off the bench, following Danielle Kamm. She is a scoring threat and a presence on defense, and, like the rest of the seniors, an emotional leader for the team.

“We plan on playing every game hard,” O’Grady said. “We are going to be tough, we’re going to be physical with these other teams. We’re not overseeing another game, we’re not constantly thinking, OK, conference champions. First we have to play the games in order to achieve that goal. We’re really looking at every game to play our best.”

#55, Sarah Shouse, 6-5, sophomore

A 6-foot-5 sophomore center, Shouse will compete with Quaye and junior transfer Monica Frede for time in the post as a member of Mitchell’s “post-by-committee.”

“All our posts split their minutes between Monica Frede, Sarah Shouse and Christina Quaye,” Mitchell said. “There are three approaches to the post, they all play a little differently. Sarah’s going to be a shot-blocker. She’ll be able to shoot over people. And obviously we’re depending on her size to intimidate.”

#34, Christina Quaye, 6-2, freshman

If the two preseason exhibitions are any indication of what to expect during the regular season, Christina Quaye should see a lot of action in the low post.

The freshman center played 18 minutes against the Wisconsin AAU and 16 minutes against the Netherlands National team.

In the two games combined she recorded 11 points and 8 rebounds, but Mitchell is most impressed with an attribute of Quaye’s that doesn’t show up in the box score.

“The best thing she has is her hands,” Mitchell said. “Her hands are fantastic. Carolyn Kieger throws bullets, and there isn’t a bullet that she doesn’t throw that Christina is not able to catch.”

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