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25 ways to FML

    If you haven’t been bombarded by either of the two things in my headline, consider yourself lucky.

    For those of you who have, you share my pain.

    With Facebook being the uber time waster that it is, many of my friends have decided to forgo homework and friends to write notes. Unfortunately, they aren’t cool sixth grade love letters or notes with meaning. Instead, they are notes about being a rapper, missing talking to people, going on roller coasters and every other stupid fact that if the people reading were really your friends, they would already know. Even better is that this is nothing new. I just don’t understand the fascination with giving the entire Facebook community a bunch of insanely random facts about yourself. Has no one realized that information you provide never goes away, even if you delete your Facebook?

    I just saw the other day, “100 questions about me.” Just when I thought 25 was bad enough. Maybe it is just me, but I do not have enough time to give people 100 facts about myself. I would have to fit it into my planner if I really wanted to do that. And for those of you who know me, you know that the last statement about my planner is true.

    My favorite ones to read are the people who give the “never have I ever-type questions.” I hate playing that game because I never win, but I certainly would not post the reasons why I would lose on the Internet. That’s just plain stupid! It is like when people think it is funny to put up the really drunk pictures of themselves and then try to say they weren’t drunk or “OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY DID THAT, FML!”

    The last three letter acronym brings me to my next point. The fascinating world of people’s secrets. Unlike the Facebook dummies, I really enjoy the people who put stuff up anonymously and then finish it by saying “FML.” It is definitely something everyone can relate to: the morning after (walk of shame or just waking up next to someone and saying it), the 12tests and papers in one week, the accidents that ruin something that is really important or just a plain “lol” moment. If you have not had the chance to laugh today, I suggest you check out the FML Web site.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, FML stands for F*** My Life (yes, in the interest of being tasteful I am refraining from using all four letters of it. For those of you who can’t spell or figure it out, the missing letters, in no particular order, are uck). My personal favorites are laughing at the sex ones. They are probably the funniest, most embarrassing things in the world, and people are openly sharing them.

    Here is a great one, just for an example: “Today, I jokingly told my Mom that I was having sex with my Professor. Her response was, ‘As long as you’re getting A’s honey!’ … FML”

    If you think that is at least remotely funny then you should check the Web site out.

    People love to hear other people’s secrets. It is human nature to do so. So, as the bearer of the popular opinion, I think that you shouldn’t be afraid to let the FMLs out. Just remember, be anonymous; we really don’t want to see you on the street and know that you couldn’t get it up for the girl you brought back home or the lack of thunder down under. Just write it down and say, “FML.”

    LEAVE SOME OF YOUR FMLs IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! We would love to hear them, and who knows, maybe we’ll publish them.

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