LOCICERO: Enough with the Fighting Irish allegiances

Michael LoCicero

Dear Marquette fans,

There is a growing, unpleasant epidemic circulating campus that seems to have reached a pinnacle in the last few days.

Ever since that team from South Bend beat USC Saturday night to clinch a berth in the national championship game, my newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter have been clogged with my very own Marquette brethren exultingly singing their praises for the Fighting Irish.

That sound you hear is Al McGuire rolling over in his grave.

If you go to Marquette, you don’t root for Notre Dame. I realize we don’t have football here. It stinks because a lot of other schools will always have that leverage on us, but I’m asking you to reconsider your allegiances.

I know a lot of you are from the Chicago suburbs and have parents or relatives who went or are going to Notre Dame. That’s great — it’s a great school (although I never will understand why people from Illinois root for a team from Indiana).

I’ve been to South Bend for a game, and the game day atmosphere is exceptional. There are, however, just some things that cross the line as a Marquette student.

I will be the first to admit that I root for Wisconsin Badger football. Many of you already know that, but here’s why. My dad went to school there. So did my aunt. Heck, my grandpa still works for the team.

The difference is Wisconsin isn’t a rival to Marquette like Notre Dame is.

Wisconsin is a public school and plays in a different conference. It is not a Catholic school that plays in the same conference (albeit Notre Dame won’t be a Big East member much longer).

Despite my allegiance to the football team, I shed my rooting interest to the basketball team a long time ago.

I told my sports reporting class before Thanksgiving break that as a reporter, I don’t care if Marquette wins or loses. Right now, I’m rooting for the best story. It’s obviously easier to write about teams that win, but I’m doing my best to stay objective.

But ask me on Dec. 17, the day after I graduate (God willing), and I’ll be back to cheering for the Blue and Gold.

There are a few exceptions to being objective, however. My colleague Brooke Goodman wrote about how she has split allegiances for Marquette and Ohio State when it comes to basketball, and as such, she would be happy for whichever team won the first scheduled basketball game of the season.

Maybe it was fate that the Carrier Classic got canceled. Mr. McGuire just didn’t want a Marquette student rooting for both teams.

Despite my football allegiance to Bucky, make no mistake about it, folks: when Marquette plays Wisconsin, give me the Golden Eagles 100 times out of 100.

And when Marquette hosts Notre Dame on March 2, you can bet I’ll be cheering on the Golden Eagles.

But football is different than basketball, you say. Not on the Marquette campus it’s not. As a Marquette student, there are a few things you don’t do.

The first is to go to Marquette Gyros or Dogg Haus at 2 a.m. Please. I’m begging you. The second is to root for Notre Dame.

Marquette alum and former basketball player Jim McIlvaine spoke to a class I was in last year and he echoed (no, not wake up the echoes, you leprechaun lovers) the same sentiments.

If you’re not going to listen to me, listen to the 7-foot guy with the legendary pants. We are…


  • Anonymous

    This article makes ZERO sense. Why can’t you like a college football team that you’ve liked all your life just because you go to a different school? I expect you to do the right thing and renounce your beloved Badgers if you’re going to call for all Notre Dame fans at Marquette to renounce their fanship. Marquette should be embarrassed to have you writing in their newspaper.

  • JOE

    If you stop any MU student on campus and ask who our biggest rival is, the answer will almost definitely be WISCONSIN. What’s wrong with being an Irish football fan? This article reeks of hate.

  • Marquette Leprechaun

    LOL Whoops

  • Marquette Leprachaun

    Cheer, cheer…!