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FDA links Monster drinks to five deaths

Eric Oliver

November 6, 2012

Monster energy drinks have been linked to five deaths and one heart attack over the past year by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is investigating the company to see what further action should be taken. The energy...

Cigarette labels remind smokers of health risks

Joe Carey

November 18, 2010

Warning: You might get sick from a pack of cigarettes before even taking a drag. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration released 36 potential graphic warning labels to put on cigarette packages. The warning labels, nine of whi...

Genetics get fishy with modified salmon

Andrew Phillips

September 30, 2010

A pending Food and Drug Administration decision could make genetically modified fish available for human consumption for the first time, perhaps giving new meaning to the classic Dr. Seuss tale, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish,...