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Rescue Gang near Marquette gets busload of puppies

March 11, 2021

Ten minutes away from campus is Rescue Gang, a non-profit foster home that rescues animals. Reporter Maureen Ojiambo goes to the center and talks with a Marquette student who volunteers there,...

Ralph Metcalfe sprints while coach Conrad Jennings looks on, circa 1932-36. Photo courtesy Department of Special
Collections and University Archives, Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University.

Setting Records: Marquette’s first Black student athletes broke barriers

Sam Arco, Sports Reporter October 14, 2020
As one of the country's best sprinters, Ralph Metcalfe made change in the African American community through his hard work on the track, in politics and in the community that has still had an impact today.

Marquette Lately

August 26, 2020

Fall in love with Sierra and Elexus as they try some new autumnal treats in this episode of Marquette Lately!

Kennedy Coleman in the Johnston Hall 2nd floor control room in January 2020.

COLEMAN: It’s time to spread your wings

Kennedy Coleman May 8, 2020
From preparing news scripts, running lines with my co-anchors, seeing the behind-the-scenes productions, and witnessing the team that pulled off an amazing student-run show, MUTV became the highlight of my week. 

WATCH: President Lovell, other leaders speak with students on virtual call

April 16, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the final Virtual Coffee Hour with University President Michael Lovell was conducted April 3 on video platform Zoom. Jennifer Reid, the director of student affairs assessment, communication...

Employees unable to complete their core tasks at home will be placed on temporary unpaid furlough.

Carillon Guild makes first debut as official club

Ariana Madson, A&E Reporter March 3, 2020
Do you ever walk past Marquette Hall to the tune of bells and wonder what that noise is? It’s Marquette’s very own carillon, an instrument typically held in a bell tower that Zach Bigelbach would describe as a blend between a xylophone, a piano and an organ.
Joe Daniels served as dean of the College of Business Administration. 

Photo courtesy of the Office of Marketing and Communication

Joe Daniels, dean of the College of Business, dies at 60 years old

Annie Mattea, Executive News Editor February 12, 2020
Daniels was a faculty member at Marquette since 1992 after receiving his PhD from Indiana University.

Sunshine Style

Mary Hanna, A&E Stringer May 15, 2019

A direct reflection of the sun, the color yellow is its own refreshing burst of sunshine. There is nearly neither a day nor a person that cannot be brightened by the bright hue. Especially in summertime,...

A Changing Skyline

Sydney Czyzon, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune May 15, 2019
The Light the Hoan project, a crowdfunding campaign to illuminate the Hoan Bridge with light bulbs dedicated to people or organizations in the city, hopes to raise enough funds to light the bridge by summer 2020.

Stop to Smell the Tulips

Matthew Harte, Opinions Columnist May 15, 2019
“When my kids (attended Marquette), most of the comments they got were, ‘When is your dad planting the tulips?’ and ‘How long are the tulips gonna stay?’” Blonien says. “Then when the tulips came up, there would be a lot of online posts with people saying, ‘We’re so happy.’ That gives us a lot of pride.”

One of a Kind

Sydney Czyzon, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune May 15, 2019
The fashion line's purpose is to be a one-stop-shop for practical ethnic fashion that reaches customers beyond cultural boundaries, student Oluwapelumi Oguntade says.

A Complete (and Crucial) Cheese Curd Guide

Margaret Cahill, News Reporter May 15, 2019
I tried some of the most popular cheese curds in the Milwaukee area and carefully evaluated each type and rated them on a 10-point scale. This information is crucial for any Marquette student looking for some quality Wisconsin cheese. 
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