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Private schools need to address diversity issues. Photo via Flickr

NIEZGODA: Private schools must commit to diversity

Laura Niezgoda, Opinions Columnist April 26, 2022
To provide equitable treatment of students, schools must take action beyond creating mission statements. 
Learning about the Marquette student experience can lend advice to new students.

EDITORIAL: New students deserve accurate picture of MU

April 26, 2022
As a predominately white institution, it is imperative that the university gives students, especially students of color, an accurate depiction of the culture of the school.
Sam Arco and Tyler Peters broadcast Marquette mens basketball teams first round in March Madness. Photo courtesy of Sam Arco.

ARCO: Facing adversity

Sam Arco , Assistant Sports Editor April 26, 2022

Growing up, I always knew one day I would be able to call Marquette home.   As a kid who lived for Marquette basketball, attending several summer basketball camps, going to home games at the Bradley...

YEAZEL: Finding my voice

Matt Yeazel, Sports Audio Producer April 26, 2022

I knew right away from the start of my time at Marquette that I wanted to join the Wire, but I never could have dreamed where it would take me over the course of four years.  I learned about the...

RIVERA GRANT: Reflecting on how I did that

Alex Rivera Grant, Editor of Diversity and Inclusion April 26, 2022

“You got this.” Three simple words, but to 18-year-old me standing in my dorm room, they were a huge comfort. Nervous and alone and away from my family, the only thing that I could do was convince...

Copy Editor Alex Wagner and Executive Opinions Editor Alexandra Garner accidentally twin on August 31, 2022

WAGNER: We’re not going out of (AP) Style

Alex Wagner, Copy Editor April 26, 2022

A story has many parts and can be told in many different ways. They can tell great epics of conquering distant lands, a forbidden love and solving century-old crimes. They can also tell smaller stories,...

Nora McCaughey with friends at a Quidditch tournament in 2019. Photo courtesy of Nora McCaughey

MCCAUGHEY: Still in denial

Nora McCaughey, Copy Chief April 26, 2022

I shouldn’t be writing a senior column.  That's something the big kids do, the soon-to-be-alumni, the geriatric almost-adults, before they graduate. And that can’t be me: I’m still in that awkward...

Alex in her first college room student in The Commons August 2018. Photo courtesy of Alex Garner

GARNER: Your first love never leaves you

Alexandra Garner, Executive Opinions Editor April 26, 2022

My pen is at the ready, hovering close to my notebook and phone perched on my lap. Sitting across from a Campus Ministry staff member, he tells me he’s hesitant to speak with me. He’s had poor experiences...

PETERS: Taking a chance

Tyler Peters, Executive Sports Producer April 26, 2022

I remember the day I was nervously awaiting an over-the-phone interview for a position at the Marquette Wire. It happened the summer before my first year as an undergraduate student. My palms were sweaty...

BALDUS: Exactly on time

Mazie Baldus , Production Director April 26, 2022

I like to be on time. On the first days of class every semester, I’m waiting in the hallway 15 minutes early. I leave my off-campus apartment 20 minutes before class to make my way to Johnston Hall...

GALASZEWSKI: An unconventional path

Aimee Galaszewski, Executive Director of the Marquette Wire April 26, 2022

As I carefully recited the Golden Eagle Sports Report script to my roommate Paige, she offered encouragement with an approving smile. It was my first appearance on Marquette University Television, and...

Flag in remembrance of Missing Murdered Indigenous Women, who largely receive less media attention than white women. Photo via Flickr

PATEL: Missing people of color deserve equal attention

Krisha Patel, Opinions Columnist April 26, 2022
As a society we need to advocate for missing people of color.
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