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MOSES: I write my own identity

Hope Moses, Editor of Diversity & Inclusion October 4, 2022
With skin that resembles coffee, the nighttime sky and tells the story of generations of women in my family, I am a Black woman. The smell of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden bounces off my skin, as it once did my mom when she was my age and I feel grounded in my Blackness and womanhood. Outside of school, I have studied Black history in all its tragedies and triumphs and spoken the language of many of my ancestors, but even before I am Black and a woman, I am Hope.
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BURGESS: Women for women

Trinity Burgess, Opinions Columnist October 4, 2022
This world is built on competition. Competing for jobs, housing, body image and even love. We were taught to do so. That includes the battles between women. We give snarky looks at each other, shun or talk behind each other’s backs. 'Come on, women! We deserve better than this. We "are" better than this.
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EDITORIAL: Commend female leadership on campus

Grace Cady, Executive Opinions Editor October 4, 2022
Having female leadership on college campuses is essential to keep women invested and active in higher education. At Marquette University, there are many student organizations, departments and resource centers that are dependent on the diligence and hard work of women.
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PATEL: Expectations for women in society

Krisha Patel, Opinions Columnist October 4, 2022
Growing up, little girls have always been always told to dream big and become whoever they wanted to be. There were no limitations to what they wanted to be and they would have the rest of their lives to pursue their goals. However, when they suddenly become adolescents, society pushed them to find a career that isn’t male dominated and more importantly, ensures that they will be able to settle down at a suitable age.
Rapper XV performs to an enthusiastic crowd at the University of Illinois last year. Photo via XV.

ALEXANDER: Rappers need to address violence in hip-hop

Rashad Alexander, Music Director September 27, 2022
You would think that after Hip-Hop legends like them were killed, rappers would do better to limit the violence that takes place outside of their music. But it hasn't, and now it seems like rappers are starting to die out.
The Office of Disability Services is located on the fifth floor of the 707 Building.

Editorial: ODS accommodations necessary, need more action

Grace Cady, Executive Opinions Editor September 27, 2022
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about one-third of students who have a disability while attending college actually reported it to their school. That leaves the majority of college students with a disability unassisted and their schools in the dark. 
Trump gives speech at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo via Flickr

CADY: Political rhetoric, powerful weapon

Grace Cady, Executive Opinions Editor September 27, 2022
The United States is no stranger to political chaos – it’s hardly ever been without it. In modern times we can look to the Watergate Scandal, the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair and most recently Trump’s “Big Lie” which claimed that he won the 2020 Presidential Election. What all of these cases most notably have in common are corruption and duplicity, but the more subtle smoking gun here is the rhetoric surrounding them. 
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RADANDT: Pipedreams and pipelines, effective climate solutions

Jack Radandt, Op-Ed Columnist September 27, 2022
Environmental policies that propose the total upheaval of American institutions and the current state of the economy are simply impractical. Suggestions made by many activists and politicians tend to be vague and lack rational solutions.
Bio-retention area outside of Lalumiere Hall

NO PLANET B: How Solutions to Water Pollution Start with You

September 20, 2022

This is a column part of a monthly series called “No Planet B” written by Sustainability & Energy Management Coordinator Chelsea Malacara and her sustainability interns. This series aims to provide...

Queen Elizabeth on HistoryNet.

LYONS: Remembering reality in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s death

Kirsten Lyons, Opinions Columnist September 20, 2022

The British monarchy may be a novelty for some, but for many, it is a constant reminder of their country’s colonization by the monarchy and an ever-present symbol of white supremacy. Many are calling...

A new sexual assault awareness group called “It’s Time” launches its first events this week. Photo by Emily Waller /

Editorial: Sexual assault awareness on campus, survivor advocacy

Grace Cady, Executive Opinions Editor September 20, 2022

In a perfect world, this editorial wouldn’t need to be written. There wouldn’t have to be survivors, we wouldn’t need to discuss the detrimental effects of sexual assault, and more than anything,...

BURGESS: Effects of inflation on college students

BURGESS: Effects of inflation on college students

Trinity Burgess, Opinion Columnist September 20, 2022

Oct. 2022 the United States hit its highest annual inflation rate, 6.2%, its highest annual rate in more than three decades. To combat it last month President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction...

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