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EDITORIAL: Financial literacy of MU students

April 18, 2023
Going into college, while you certainly gain much more freedom, you inevitably gain more responsibility. This includes financial responsibility.
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LEBRÓN: TikTok hearing must include expert testimony

April 4, 2023
Last week, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Che found himself in the middle of the United States Congress, hoping to disprove claims that the People’s Republic of China was using the app to collect data from American users.

EDITORIAL: Bring Respect Back to Sports

April 4, 2023
Sports are meant to bring people together for a common cause and build community.

PATEL: Nurses Eat Their Young

April 4, 2023
There is a saying in nursing known as “nurses eat their young.” This refers to workplace bullying in which the older and experienced nurses will bully the new grads or even students.
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DREWEL: Please fund the arts

Izzy Fonfara Drewel, Arts and Entertainment Executive Editor April 4, 2023
I first picked up the trumpet in sixth grade, and I haven’t put it down since. Through the years of middle school, high school and now into college, I’ve been a member of the band.
Legislators must listen to youths concerns

Legislators must listen to youth’s concerns

March 28, 2023
While scrolling through my phone in the past couple of weeks. I remember encountering an effort to stop something I wasn’t even aware I could have an effect on, The Willow Project.

CADY: Don’t ask, don’t tell, girls

Grace Cady March 28, 2023
The first lesson a young girl ever learns is shame. Women’s bodies have once again become battlegrounds for politicians — subject to silence regarding menstruation in schools
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EDITORIAL: 2023 commencement speaker, an important step for Marquette

March 28, 2023
Last week it was announced that the Marquette undergraduate commencement speaker will be Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin.
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PATEL: Evolution of the Oscars

March 28, 2023
The Oscars are an exciting time of the year as many eager fans tune in to see all of their favorite movies and actors come together and celebrate each other's achievements.
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LEBRON: Student loan forgiveness is necessary to make college more accessible

Clara Lebrón, Opinions Columnist March 7, 2023
The United States has changed a lot in 40 years. Globalization  has led to a new era, where people are more easily informed and able to access the information they need. It has also led to a decrease in American jobs, an increase in illnesses traveling from country to country and a need for stronger social programs in order to promote growth.
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NIEZGODA: Our bodies are not fashion trends

Laura Niezgoda, Assistant Opinions Editor March 7, 2023
One of my first experiences with diet culture was when I stood on the weight scale in my dance studio, proving to my instructor that I was “overweight."  The digitized numbers showed eighty pounds and I remember thinking to myself, “How can my instructor lift me when I am so heavy?” I was eight years old.
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EDITORIAL: Holding MUSG Executives accountable

March 7, 2023
With the newly announced Marquette University Student Government President and Executive Vice President Abbie Moravec and Tommy Treacy, it is important that we as students hold them accountable to their platform and to communicate their accomplishments with the greater Marquette community.
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