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Figures like Mr. Potato Head have become part of the

RUFFOLO: Culture war distracts from political issues, progress

Lucia Ruffolo, Opinions Columnist March 16, 2021
The "culture war" controversies are a distraction from more important political issues.
MUPD sent a safety alert March 14 notifying students about an individual on campus who is striking and threatening women. Marquette Wire stock photo.

EDITORIAL: MUPD’s lack of transparency endangers students

March 16, 2021
MUPD must work to maintain consistent and clear communication when there is a direct threat to campus. Otherwise, more students are at risk for getting hurt.
Juror selection for Derek Chauvin case began March 9. Photo via Flickr.

PICKART: Jury selection in Derek Chauvin trial will be difficult

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist March 16, 2021
The jury selection in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial, who murdered George Floyd, began March 9 is set to be an extremely complex, difficult and lengthy process.
Graphic via Canva

PATEL: Wisconsin mask mandate still necessary despite vaccination distribution

Krisha Patel, Stringer March 10, 2021
Marquette students have a responsibility to protect others by wearing a mask as they wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.
The new business school  will be located next to the Alumni Memorial Union where McCormick Hall used to be.

RUFFOLO: Board of Trustees’ approval of new business school detrimental

Lucia Ruffolo, Opinions Columnist March 9, 2021
The approval of the new business school will be detrimental to the integrity and intended mission of Marquette University.
Graphic by Alexandra Garner

PICKART: Atlanta free ‘food forest’ model for Milwaukee

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist March 9, 2021
Atlanta's recently developed food forest can be used as an example for Milwaukee to address food insecurity.
Graphic by Alexandra Garner

KOCH: Capitalist motives detract from feminist movement

Jenna Koch, Opinions Columnist March 9, 2021
Feminism needs to be anti-capitalist in order for it to be pro-woman.
Graphic by Alexandra Garner

MOSES: Supporting women on campus begins with better representation

Hope Moses, Opinions Columnist March 9, 2021
While the Marquette University is making efforts to celebrate Women’s History Month, it must make efforts to improve women's experience and amplify voices on campus.
The 2021 National Marquette Day men's basketball game will be held March 6 at the Fiserv Forum.

EDITORIAL: University must choose students, not basketball

March 5, 2021
Lovell's confidence in hosting an in-person fall 2021 semester and the National Marquette Day game, speaks volumes to what the university's priorities are.
This chart shows recorded global temperatures since 1880. Graphic via NASA

MOSES: Recent Texas weather clear example of climate crisis

Hope Moses, Opinions Columnist March 2, 2021
Texas’ recent weather disaster illustrates that the United States is failing to address the climate crisis.
Graphic via Pew Research Center

PICKART: Political student organization unity positive sign for future

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist March 2, 2021
The Marquette College Democrats and Marquette College Republicans coming together showcases a positive model for uniting a politically polarized nation. 
Mashuda Hall is a residence hall at Marquette University  located on Wisconsin Avenue and 19th Street.

RUFFOLO: We should accept our reality

Lucia Ruffolo, Opinions Columnist March 2, 2021
It may actually be healthier to accept the current state of our world and practice mindfulness.
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