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Hidden Jewel Case

Libby Fry October 9, 2003
Not even names stay static for Elvis Costello.
The former Declan McManus decided to adopt the even more bombastic Napoleon Dynamite moniker on 1986's Blood and Chocolate.
Costello runs the gamut on the disc with power pop ("I Hope You're Happy Now") and...

Tarantino, Coens to release new films Friday

Kyle Carritt October 9, 2003
This coincidence seems oddly appropriate in some respects, given the various similarities between the Coens and Tarantino. The directors often draw material from Golden-era film genres, write their own scripts, routinely use the same actors and all three...

Contemplating ‘cat vomit’

John Heiderscheidt October 9, 2003
Watanabe has worked for several scientific publications including "Scientist," "Biotechnology," "Nature Medicine" and "Lab Animal." She is currently working on a number of other projects such as a report on bio-terrorism, a book proposal and articles on...

Muse ~ Absloution

Paul Day October 9, 2003
The melodrama continues with "Butterflies and Hurricanes," a track that has garnered comparison to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Paranoid Android." The song slowly builds and the momentum becomes its strength as Bellamy sings, "You've got to change the...

Family fun starts this weekend

October 2, 2003
So far, 451 families have registered to at least one of the events and Schoreder expects that number to go over 500. A variety of events are planned and they range from one hour of sibling bowling to a dinner and coffee program featuring a Comedy Sportz...

Emotions carry local movie

September 25, 2003
It could only be small-town Wisconsin.
Writer and director Chris Boebel captures the feelings, looks and attitudes of his Boscobel, Wis., birthplace in "Red Betsy," a movie about the care and changes in 1940s Wisconsin.
But past the beautiful and...

Script plays wicked games with people’s ‘Mind’

Libby Fry September 25, 2003
Such a concept is presented in "Mindgame," the first play of the Next Act Theatre's 2003-'04 season. The plot twists and turns, with one shock after another smacking the audience in the face and leaving viewers questioning even their own sanity by the...

Res. Halls offer mission to students

September 25, 2003

Students will again have the opportunity to leave Marquette campus in the hopes that the city of Milwaukee can provide them with answers in this year's citywide scavenger hunt, Mission Impossible 2003.
"I think it is one of the best and most unique...

Hidden jewelcase

Lydia Cox September 18, 2003
1960s, the Colonel experimented with sounds similar to
Zappa. Since then, he has delved into other projects, most recently The Codetalkers.
Their self-titled debut album, released in 2002, features a diverse palette of musical ingenuity, tinged with a...

Second season of ’24’ saves day again

Paul Day September 18, 2003
Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), still recovering from his wife's death, is summoned by his colleagues for his expertise in an escalating situation involving a terrorist threat of nuclear proportions. Meanwhile, President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert)...

Phish bassist swims in expirmental waters

Lydia Cox September 18, 2003
Understandably quirky, the film won the Audience Award at South by Southwest festival in 2000. Upon completion of the film, Gordon took the score from the movie and reworked the songs into new jams.
In a sense, Inside In could be viewed as a loose...

Whoopi Goldberg reviewed

Lydia Cox September 18, 2003
On one hand there's "Whoopi," (7 p.m., Tuesdays, NBC) starring former center square Whoopi Goldberg as freewheeling outspoken hotel operator Mavis Rae. Selling itself on the outrageous and slightly offensive humor of Goldberg, the show aims to be a...
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