Fair, balanced in the midst of all this criticism


Wilke is upset over the “liberal bent of the Tribune’s content.” Look at the Viewpoints section today. It’s heavy on the Charlton Heston and short on the Susan Sarandon. Is this the “liberal bent”? If Wilke had read the entire Statement of Opinion Policy, he would have seen that the Viewpoints section “strives to give all sides of an issue an equal voice.” But if submissions happen to be more liberal or conservative at a given time, the section will reflect that. It’s not my job to shake down Republicans when they aren’t submitting Viewpoints. Shame on Wilke for suggesting that I’m discriminatory when he can’t offer evidence that I refuse to print conservative Viewpoints.

Although some might want me to censor one side, I refuse to do that. Speaking for my writings, I write it as I see it. Others, liberals and conservatives, should do the same. I’m a liberal in this column, but I check that at the door on production night. I guarantee fair treatment for all in Viewpoints. As Ice-T once said, “Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine/If you don’t like what I’m saying, fine/But don’t close it, always keep an open mind/a man who fails to listen is blind.”

As far as “I Hate Bob Fest 2003” goes, I can take my knocks as well as I dish them out. But please, Wilke, stop whining about when I dish them out.