We are ALL Marquette

Christian Eichenlaub

After reading Jason Keener’s viewpoint on Tuesday, I became a bit concerned for the standards of our graduate program at Marquette. Perhaps I would expect a prospective graduate student to have at least some mastery of logic.

For a little Latin, let’s try “cura personalis,” one of the virtues that our university is founded upon. This “care for the whole person” charges students to develop educationally and socially into adults who are not only true to themselves but also true to the dignity of each person as an individual.

As a graduate student, Keener might also want to brush up on his statistical analysis. Here’s a one for good practice: Only about 60 percent of our student population comes from a Catholic background. So to force all students to react to issues based solely on Catholic theology is to alienate students in a way that Marquette would never support.

Marquette has a Diversity Mass during National Coming Out Week. We have an altar server who wears a rainbow cross under his alb. And we at Marquette are indeed proud. We are ALL Marquette, and there is nothing that makes us prouder.

If Keener does still happen to enter into our graduate program, I would encourage him to check his own pride and self-righteousness at the door. Marquette has affirmed, time and time again, that all students are equal and welcome. And, if upon coming to Marquette, Keener would like to start a chapter of Courage to help with the struggle of sexuality in the Church, he would be more than welcome to do so. And he could wave any flag he felt appropriate.

Eichenlaub is a junior journalism and Spanish literature major.