A struggle for all

Nicholas Zettel

Everyone pull out your Universal Catechisms! After all, Marquette is a Catholic university. Jason L. Keener certainly used his Catechism in his Tuesday viewpoint berating the Gay/Staight Alliance rainbow flag in the Alumni Memorial Union.

Here are two pieces of advice for Keener:

First, if people “struggling with homosexual tendencies” want Catholic help, they can seek such help under their own power. After all, we are at a Catholic university. This is our university; Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, athletes, students, student organizations, professors, staff, so on, so forth. Whatever we are, we have shown we can all peacefully coexist.

Second, I advise Keener not apply to, or attend Marquette University if he cannot handle the sight of a rainbow flag on campus. Sadly, he’ll still have his Catechism.

Zettle is a sophomore political scienc and philosophy major.