LTMT, Episode 4: Socheesy

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This week was full of patriotism and factual errors at Low to Mid Twenties. Sadly, Theo couldn’t join us for our gold medal conversation about the Olympics (So sorry about that pun). To start, we apologize for referring to the Nordic Combined event when we were discussing skiing and shooting. That event is actually the Biathlon, in which people shoot guns (not arrows as Hannah so unintelligently said) while standing and in prone position between skiing long distances.

The Wall Street Journal seems to think Milwaukee should host the Olympic Games of 2024, but Brew City seems better equipped to host the Bar Tender Olympics. For a different spin on this year’s games,  Erin suggests you watch The Crash Reel or meet her favorite Russians, Pussy Riot. Peter is more traditional with his recommendation of the beloved underdog tale Miracle. While Hannah regrets not suggesting that our listeners watch Cool Runnings, she recommends the Covet Fashion app, where you can dress almost as well as the German Olympians.  Don’t forget to cheer on fellow Golden Eagle and speed skater Brian Hansen!


The 2014 German Olympic Team

The 2014 German Olympic Team


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