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Harry Styles released a new single “As It Was” for his upcoming album.

Editor’s Note: This story contains opinionated statements.

“You are Home.”


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Days of cryptic TikToks, tweets and Instagram posts all from accounts titled the same thing: You are Home. No one knew what it meant, where they were coming from and what they were alluding to, but the internet loves a good mystery. After researching, coding and investigating, people had theories and speculations galore, but there was no way to know what they were for.

Until March 23.

March 23, Harry Styles announced his third album, titled “Harry’s House,” will be released May 20. The You are Home accounts were all made to promote him and the new music.

The possibilities for this album are through the roof, and I can’t wait to see what Styles chooses. He gave us a little insight with his newest single, “As it Was,” which came out March 31. When the song dropped, my friend and I quite literally watched the music video ten times and then listened to the song on repeat for an hour. Honestly, I was hoping for something with some more rock influences, but after listening to it, I think he’s going in a different direction. The song seemed to have more of a pop influence and catered towards what is played on the radio.

Spotify reported that the song is now the most streamed song in a day in 2022 and the most streamed song in the United States in a single day in Spotify history. Topics regarding “As it Was” and the album were also trending on Twitter. 

I thought the music video was very creative and I really enjoyed the choreography between Styles and the other dancer, Mathilde Lin. Also, I loved the red jumpsuit he was wearing and the contrast it created because the other dancer was wearing the same jumpsuit but in blue. The colors and composition of the video have inspired many theories, such as the red pill, blue pill theory.

Judging by the single and the general vibes I’ve gotten from the announcements so far, I have a feeling this album will be leaning more pop-style, but still with that signature Harry Styles touch. His inspiration from the 70s and influence from artists like Fleetwood Mac and Elton John will once again show through in the final product. Styles has also talked about how he is greatly inspired and looks up to Stevie Nicks, which I can see in his songs and wardrobe, and I’m hoping we will also see that side in his newest album.

With his previous album in 2019, “Fine Line,” Styles described the journey to find yourself and the struggles that accompany that. He managed to capture his audience’s attention by drawing them in with more upbeat, joyful songs, following them up with some more emotional pieces and then finishing with happier tunes. By sandwiching the emotion in the middle, Styles told a full story while ensuring that his listeners were invested in hearing the whole album. 

I’m interested in learning what story he intends to tell with “Harry’s House.” Styles has the innate ability to write somber lyrics but place them alongside an uplifting beat, so you don’t notice them until a few listens later. After reading the lyrics, I noticed how “As it Was” contains some of those depressing undertones, and I’m invested in learning how those will tie into the message he wants to pass on. During the second verse Styles sings “Harry, you’re no good alone / Why are you sitting at home on the floor? / What kind of pills are you on?” which felt like a total punch the gut. He hid it behind a peppy drum beat and bright chimes with a cheerful guitar.

As time passes, the “You are Home” accounts are posting more vague clues and pictures about the album which will only make sense as we get closer to the release date. The story is slowly coming together but Styles won’t ever fully explain what it means. He lets his fans decide what everything means for themselves because they can interpret them in a way they relate to best.

I’m hoping he releases at least one more single before the album comes out, possibly halfway through April, and some of the posts may be hinting at that. I can only hope and wait very impatiently.

I am bursting with excitement for this new era of Harry Styles, and I can’t wait to see where he takes his career next.

This story was written by Izzy Fonfara Drewel. She can be reached at isabella.fonfaradrewel@marquette.edu.