Why did you vote? Students share their stories

Marquette students went to cast their votes today, some individuals even heading to the polls for the first time. Some had to go to off-campus locations to cast their ballot, while others went to the AMU. Students shared personal testimonies on why voting is important to them.

Madeleine Mathias

College of Arts & Sciences, senior

“I went out and voted today because it doesn’t really matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It matters as a young person to go out and make sure my voice is heard and make sure that our congressmen and congresswomen are actually listening to the young vote instead of just the older generation’s. So it’s more about making sure that all of the millennials are being heard and having policy that matters to them.”

Michael Odden

College of Arts & Sciences, senior

“I think it’s always important to make your voices heard in our democracy, but I think with this election in particular it’s important that we try to vote in a congress that can act as a check and balance to the presidency.”

Matthew Schwemmer

College of Arts & Sciences, sophomore

“I went out and voted because the Wisconsin governor race was close, so my congressional district was pretty decided and I feel like the senate was also pretty decided, but the governor race was close enough for me to feel like it was worthy to vote.

I don’t know if I would specifically compare young people to old people to middle-aged people, but I think  just being able to express how you feel about politics or the political environment, voting is a good way to show that.”

Zahra Jazayeri

College of Arts & Sciences, freshman

“I voted because I was just upset at the current administration … I just turned 19 today so I felt like it’s an appropriate time to go out and vote and let my voice be heard.

Well, if they’re upset about the current administration or if they’re happy with it, then they shouldn’t just talk about it at home, they should actually let it show the way that they vote.”

Kennedy Furnace

College of Arts & Sciences, senior

“I went out and voted because if not me, who? If I want to see some change, then I have to be the change that I want to see. And so even if the results don’t go my way, at least I know that I did what I could to inflict some type of change.”

Keishla Ortiz-Delgado

College of Arts & Sciences, senior

“I think participation is key. I’m a poli-sci student so I think the only way that you can change the system is to be a part of the system, so that’s really why I went out and voted.

I personally think it’s important because if you want to see anything done, then you need to be a part of what’s happening. You need to be a part of the conversation. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the table.”

Brendan Vivoda

College of Arts & Sciences, senior

“I voted today because I think it’s important. I don’t know if I have a better answer than that. I think when all people in America go out and vote, we have better policies that represent all people in America. If we elect officials that look and think in the same ways we do, there will be policies that reflect the ways that we think, and help us, whomever we are.”