MUSG offers grocery alternative for students

MUSG offers grocery alternative for students

Joseph Cahill

Marquette Student Government is kicking off a program that allows students to order food baskets containing fresh fruits and vegetables from Growing Power.

Senator Courtney Guc, a junior in the College of Business Administration, said Growing Power is a Wisconsin-based business where local farmers sell their products.

Sarah Bres, a senior in the College of Communication, said she used the program before MUSG began selling the baskets and likes that she knows where her food is coming from.

“It makes you feel more connected to the community and I love giving back to Milwaukee,” Bres said.

Guc said the baskets contain a variety of seasonal produce including beets, apples, potatoes and bananas. They come in three different basket sizes ranging from $9 to $22. Guc said orders can be placed in the MUSG office until Wednesday Feb. 4 at noon.

“This is just a pilot program, we would love to get 20 students signed up,” she said.

Guc said this is not a replacement for MUSG trying to bring a grocery store into the Avenues West neighborhood. Guc explained that the Growing Power program is just something that they can do to make a difference right now.

Jacob Richard, a junior in the College of Business Administration, said he and his friends would usually get their groceries from the Wal-Mart by Miller Park as well as the Walgreens and 7/11 on campus.

Bres said she still goes to a grocery store to buy some of her food, but finds that it is more expensive and the origin of the food is unknown.

“My friends and I loved (the food basket), it allowed us to try so many different recipes, it was really cool,” Bres said.

Richard said he did not see himself using the program because he enjoys his food made for him.

“I don’t really like to take the time to prepare my food,” Richard said. “I like to get it and go with my schedule, but it would be nice to have fresh fruit though,” Richard said.

Guc added that the next market she hopes the program will reach out to is Marquette faculty and staff.