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HEFFERNAN: Is Cable TV worth the cost?

Erin Heffernan

October 15, 2013

My  roommates and I split a cable bill of $68.50 a month. That puts us among roughly 90 percent of American households that continue to pay for this kind of TV. And for what? As opposed to the the shows I seek out online, my live T...

TWC and WTMJ make progress in negotiations, no deal in sight

Matt Barbato

September 12, 2013

Discussions between Time Warner Cable and Journal Broadcast Group spilled into a second month of deliberations following a contract lapse, continuing the blackout of Milwaukee's WTMJ-TV (Channel 4). The two sides are still quarreling about fees paid by Time Warner Cable to WTMJ and other channels owned by Journal Broadcast Group. Once an agreement is made, the transmission of the station's programming will continue. Time Warner is the cable provider for a majority of Marquette students on campus. WTMJ, which also broadcasts NBC's national programs, has been blacked out for Time Warner customers in the Milwaukee area since July 25. Both sides are in negotiations, but Mike Hogan, a spokesman at Time Warner Cable, said these prior meetings have not indicated much progress. "Journal (Broadcast Group) continues to propose deals that are not best in the interest of our customers," Hogan said in an email....